Dish Of Salt: Inside ‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Most Shocking Hookup — Erica Rose & Jake Pavelka!

Call it the princess and the pilot!

A promo at the end of Monday night’s “Bachelor Pad” showed footage of Jake Pavelka and Erica Rose in a lip lock. So, was this the real deal or just fancy editing to make it seem like a hot hookup was in the works? No fancy editing here.

In an interview with Erica at the Access Hollywood offices on Wednesday, the Houston-based self-described “princess” told me it was the real deal.

“I think that Jake, in my opinion, was the hottest guy on the show,” Erica explained. “After last’s week challenge I was starting to feel like an outsider in the house and he had been feeling that way. So we really bonded over that and got to spend time together and a little romance developed.”

But this most unlikely duo did their best to keep their budding romance under wraps from their fellow contestants.

“We really had to like sneak around to spend time together,” Erica revealed “I didn’t want Kasey and Vienna to know I was hanging out with Jake since I’m part of their alliance.”

Oh and there is also that little issue of Vienna despising her ex-fiancé and telling it to anyone who will listen.

“She wouldn’t approve of it. So that’s why I had to do it in such a sneaky way,” she told me. “I do know that she hates Jake and she thinks he is such a bad guy. I honestly didn’t see that side of him. Around me, he was nothing but very sensitive and caring and very deep and smart.”

And, oh snap, just a little extra tidbit - before Vienna and Kasey ever met, Erica shared a smooch with the “guard and protect your heart” house mate. “So it’s like now I’m kissing someone after she has instead of before,” she mused with a smile. “Jake is definitely a better kisser than Kasey!”

Erica says she has not seen Jake since the show stopped filming but they keep in contact and are still “talking.” Meanwhile, she and Vienna have become BFFs. The two became so close that after the show finished filming, Erica’s father, a prominent Houston plastic surgeon, offered to do Vienna’s rhinoplasty. She even stayed at Erica’s home to recover.

Vienna talks about her new nose in an interview with me, HERE.

For more from Erica’s interview about Jake, click HERE. I’ll think you’ll see that these girls are little more like frenemies!

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