Dish Of Salt: Live Blogging The 2010 American Music Awards

7:55 Backstreet Boys and New Kids on The Block close out the show. These old guys can still move. Kidding. Sadly, they are all my age! That’s a wrap on the 2010 AMAs. Not many surprises but it sure was fun.

7:51 Biebs wins artist of the year — the youngest ever to win the award. Guess we know now why Lady Gaga and Eminem were not at the show this year despite having huge selling records. A nice moment with Usher as he brings him on stage to thank him.

7:45pm During the commercial break a ton of seat fillers are brought towards the front of the theater as many of the celeb presenters and performers have long since left. An announcer comes on and tells the artist of the year nominees they are running out time and be sure to watch the teleprompter for how much time they have. Seems kind of rude since this is the main award of the night!

7:44pm While Usher accepts his award crews are rolling in equipment behind him from backstage. Fortunately, the camera he is speaking on never catches this but it’s super distracting to the crowd.

7:31pm. The crowd is either bored or tired. No one gets up for Ke$ha’s performance. In this slow economy must we really destroy a perfectly good guitar? I hate artists who try too hard.

7:27pm Best acceptance speech of the night “I love winning things!” By Michael Buble.

7:18pm I think there comes a time in a man’s life at a certain age when tight sequined jeans are just wrong. Sajak likes them. He’s up on his feet!

7:16pm Muse. So that’s what they look like.

7:14pm Did Usher’s vocals seem off tonight? The dancing was awesome though and the crowd was still on their feet the entire time… Except for Sajak.

7:05pm The crew tearing down the Aguilera set is being super loud (and super rude) while Lady Antebellum accepts their much deserved award.

7:04pm I was just on the set of “Castle” on Monday and I can guarantee those are hair extensions Stana Katic is sporting tonight. She does look sexy though. The anti-detective Kate Beckett for sure.

7:02pm Christina Aguilera is promoting the heck of her movie, “Burlesque”. Will be very surprised if it translates to box office success next weekend.

6:54pm I think I just spotted Paula Abdul standing and clapping when Bieber won his next award.

6:49pm It’s snowing in LA! Well only if you are on the stage or the first ten rows of the Nokia Theater. With those bangs and her hair pulled back Taylor Swift looks just like a young Faith Hill.

6:35pm Pregnant Pink is killing this high-energy performance of “Raise Your Glass.” Now I feel like a total complainer since I can barely drag my pregnant butt of the couch! During the commercial break the crowd in front of the stage spends the time either popping the balloons that rained down or punching them around like beach balls. Biebs poses for a photo with a kid who from my seat I think is Jaden Smith.

6:31pm Clearly the other nominees in the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award knew they stood no chance against Justin Bieber. Did Biebs really just say, “I came from the smallest town in the world… 30 thousand people.” LOL!! Not exactly the definition of a small town kiddo but thanks for the laugh.

6:30pm Half way through the show and I realize a pregnant chick should have brought snacks! I wonder where Pink is. I bet she’s got some in her dressing room.

6:15pm Announcer during the commercial break tells the crowd Bon Jovi is about to take the stage and sing their greatest hits. I remark to my seatmates, “Totally worth the drive here!” Showing my age here but I love me some Bon Jovi!!!! When they take the stage the crowd begins to get on their feet until they realize we have to sit through a new, slow song before we get to the good stuff. They sit back down. As soon as the oldie begins to play the crowd is back on their feet and this time even Pat Sajak is standing. Love the cut away of Jenny McCarthy rocking out during “It’s My Life.” Like me, she grew up in the 80’s Bon Jovi era.

6:07pm Did anyone tell Justin Bieber his gold topped microphone clashes with his metallic ski boot looking silver sneaker? Ah, the little girls won’t care anyway.

6:04pm Someone should have told Nicki Menaj its not polite to shout out your own albums street date when you are announcing an award to someone who actually deserves it.

6:00pm Looking at Katy Perry’s red dress you just know she is going to rip it off at some point during this performance. I’m just glad she didn’t sing “Teenage Dream” with that boys choir!

5:49pm The Black Eye Peas are announced and before a single note even hits, the crowd is on their feet anticipating what is always a dance worthy, get on your feet performance. Ok, is Fergie wearing the ultimate push up bra or what?!!!

5:41pm. Commercial break and Rihanna sporting a different outfit than she performed in is escorted to her front row seat. Even though she’s twenty seats in front of me her red curls make her unmistakable!

5:39pm While Kid Rock sings, a group of people in the audience try to start clapping along. Eventually they all realize they are off beat and stop (thank goodness!). A beautiful song with a beautiful message does not need crappy clapping. The crowd gives Kid a well-deserved standing ovation.

5:26pm During the commercial breaks the announcer tells the crowd inside the Nokia that Justin Bieber has won favorite pop/rock album. Deafening screams from young girls come from the nosebleed seats.

5:25pm The other half of the stage is unveiled and its Miley Cyrus singing a ballad. No standing ovation after her performance but just as the show goes to commercial break her mom Tish stands up from her aisle seat as a few people around her congratulate her on Miley’s Performance.

5:20 Half of the stage is covered while Enrique Iglesias performs. The crowd is on its feet with the exception of it seems one guy… “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak who is sitting directly across from me! I guess he’s not an Enrique fan.

Favorite Pop/Rock album. Girls in the nosebleeds scream.

5:00 Rihanna starts the show. Her earrings are so huge I can actually see them from my seat (which are awesome!). Those legs! Wow! The crowd gives her a much deserved standing ovation for that knock-out performance.

4:52 Just as I’m heading off the red carpet I nearly run smack into Pink. Of course, I have to check out her baby bump since we are about the exact same months pregnant. She looks pretty in a long black dress but you no real baby bump just yet. It’s coming though, as is mine!

4:50 Ke$ha arrives sporting a bizarro messy mohawk and blue lips. Her dress looks like some ripped a few trash bags and sewed them on. She trips heading up to our Access Hollywood platform and exclaims “My boobs are gonna fall out!” While the dress I don’t like I do enjoy the eyebrow jewelry. Trendy, yet new and different.

4:46pm Diddy comes blazing through the crowd ignoring everyone as he makes a beeline for our Access Hollywood platform. His red carpet accessory includes two ladies dressed in blue.

4:43pm An almost unrecognizable Julianne Hough walks right by me sporting a red 40’s style hairdo. She’s wearing a black strapless sequined mermaid dress that looks more Oscars than AMAs. Seems way too fancy for the occasion.

4:40pm “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet arrives wearing a black jacket that seems to be sporting a western theme. It’s an odd choice.

4:38pm Katy Perry looks pretty in pink sequins. Now that she is a married lady I would have expected a huge diamond sparkler and band on her finger. Instead she wears what looks like a simple pave band.

4:35pm Just arrived to the red carpet at the 2010 American Music Awards. Jada Pinkett Smith looking lovely in all gold, leans down to fix daughter Willow’s outfit. Seems the cuff on her pants keep falling down. Gotta love a mom who helps her daughter out with a red carpet wardrobe malfunction.

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