Dish Of Salt: On The Scene At Comic-Con 2010, Day 1’s Laura “Dish of Salt” Saltman is on the scene at Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, where she’s reporting back on everything going on…

10:15 AM PST — It’s Comic-Con year three for me. It feels like it just gets bigger every single year! You know you are here when you arrive to a Starbucks and they are blasting the Superman theme over the loud speaker!

10:30 AM — Just arrived for interviews with Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez for a film called “Battle: Los Angeles” about an alien invasion. There is so much media, we have to fight for a spot! Aaron says he is a Comic-Con virgin. This is his first time here. He didn’t get a chance to come and promote “The Dark Knight” because he was filming with Johnny Depp at the time. Michelle Rodriguez informs me she is a believer in aliens. I have to ask her if she can give us some insight into what Lindsay Lohan is going through at the Century Regional Detention Facility, in Lynwood, Calif., since Michelle spent some time there. She answers politely but clearly does not want to talk about it.

11:30 AM — I chat with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey about their new animated film “Megamind.” Brad Pitt also stars but didn’t make it down to Comic-Con (despite Angelina being here to promote “Salt”.) Inside the panel, the director jokes that “someone had to watch the kids.” Instead, Will brought out a cardboard cut out of Brad in a tuxedo. All three of us share some jokes about Brad being kind of “flat” today. Both Tina and Will are Comic-Con virgins too. Tina jokes that she lost her virginity last night to a guy dressed as Chewbacca. I love that woman! She is hilarious.

1:30 PM — Bruce Willis must be very sensitive to light as he keeps asking all the cameramen to turn their lights down during his interviews for “Red.” He’s so low key in interviews. I always expect him to be more animated. When I asked him about his cameo in “The Expendables” with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he compared it to the 1945 Yalta conference - Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin D Roosevelt. Sort of an obscure reference, but OK Bruce.

3:15 PM — So how did David Duchovny land Rob Lowe on “Californication” to play Hank Moody in the movie version of his book? They share a hairstylist and he hooked it all up! When I asked if Rob nailed his performance of him he said, “I hope not!” Seems he doesn’t think he acts the way Rob made him appear.

3:30 PM-- Michael C Hall (aka “Dexter”) is wearing his Comic-Con badge during all his interviews. Like no one her knows who he is! He gave me lots of good dirt on Season Four!

5:00 PM — Time for the EW/CBS party. “Hawaii Five-O” stars Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim tell me the show’s star, Alex O’Loughlin, is back in Hawaii filming the show and couldn’t make it. I’m not sure I believe that!

5:15 PM — The cast of “The Big Bang Theory” does interviews as a group. Kaley Kuoco told me at an autograph signing someone called her Kim Kurco so that’s how she signed her name! We all decide that if I come on the show ever, that will be my character’s name.

5:30 PM — Jerry O’Connell admits his upcoming horror flick “Piranha 3D” was kicked out of Comic-Con because it was too violent and had too much nudity.

“True Blood” tomorrow!

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