Dish Of Salt: On The Scene At Comic-Con 2010, Day 2

Day two of Comic-Con 2010 and it was all about “The Big Bang Theory” and “True Blood.”

I spoke with the “BBT” cast just after their panel discussion where it was announced that Apple co-founder and season eight “Dancing with the Stars” hoofer Steve Wozniak will guest star in the show’s upcoming fourth season. The show moves from Monday nights to Thursday at 8 PM beginning September 23.
When I spoke with the entire cast, they all seemed excited, yet they have trepidations about the move. Kaley Cuoco reminded me that NBC’s “Friends” held the Thursday at 8 PM slot for many years and she hopes the show can become as much of a staple in that same time slot as their predecessors. Hopefully, the fans will stick with the show wherever it moves. If you are not watching, you need to be!

The show’s creator Chuck Lorre had some interesting things to say about Charlie Sheen, who stars on another show he created, “Two and a Half Men.” When I asked if now that Charlie is returning for another season, will we perhaps see some of his legal troubles used as fodder for the show, Lorre told me that Charlie is always game to mock his personal life knowing that it lends itself to the show’s content.

Jim Parsons earned his second Emmy nomination for playing uber nerd Sheldon Cooper. Last year, as a good luck charm I gave him a little stuffed animal monkey which we nicknamed Shelly. He carried that little monkey all day and night at the Emmy awards, even showing it off on the red carpet. Unfortunately, it didn’t do its job and win him the Emmy. So, this time I came armed with a second good luck charm - a little wooden penguin I nicknamed “Bazinga!” Fans of the show will get why I named it that. So, let’s hope Bazinga does his job and wins Jim that Emmy. He deserves it! Although Jim told me he got some sage advice from Mariska Hargitay last year to just enjoy the experience of being nominated and never worry about the winning.

Next, I headed down to the convention floor where the “True Blood” cast was signing autographs. Complete insanity as hundreds of people were¬ clamoring for photos of the cast.

I waited patiently for about 45 minutes as the cast graciou¬¬sly chatted with fans and signed posters for them. Only Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgaard couldn’t make it, as they are both currently filming movies. Stephen Moyer (aka Vampire Bill) had to leave early to head over to the panel for a movie he is in called “Priest.” I did get a chance to talk to everyone else.

Creator Alan Ball told me the next four episodes will be game changers in terms of where the show is headed for the season. I tried to get the dirt on what exactly Sookie Stackhouse’s new power is but Alan wasn’t talking and neither was star Anna Paquin.

I think I did hit upon something with Alan though. When I asked if Jason Stackhouse was going to learn of his own type of powers he told me he couldn’t comment because he didn’t want to give anything away. No comment means there is something to that! Alan did tell me the werewolves will be sticking around for awhile. Joe Mangiello, who plays werewolf Alcide, has been made a series regular. He says the Sookie/Alcide relationship is going to heat up and perhaps a fight could erupt between Alcide and vampire Eric. Joe and I went to rival high schools in Pittsburgh so we had a little bonding moment over Primanti Brothers sandwiches. (Fellow ‘Burgh residents will understand that).

Also, look for Lafayette’s new relationship with Jesus to heat up and Tara’s new vampire Franklin will keep her trapped for a little while longer according to Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara.

Check back to soon for all the video!

Big day on Day 3 — The casts of NBC’s “Community” and “Chuck” (will we meet Chuck’s mom?!). Plus, Ryan Reynolds on “Green Lantern,” Vanessa Hudgins kicks butt in “Sucker Punch” and I’ll chat with the brand new “Thor.”

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