Dish Of Salt: On The Scene At Comic-Con 2010, Day 3

Comic-Con day three was a 14-hour marathon of a day! It was well worth it though, and somehow… I survived. Here’s a snapshot of my last day at the convention.

10:00 AM - Arrived to the Hilton Bayfront for interviews with the cast of “Green Lantern.” Was supposed to interview the cast of NBC’s “Community” (Joel McHale, Chevy Chase) and “Chuck” (Zach Levi) but had to forgo them when I found out the “Green Lantern” interviews were moved up to 10:45 AM. Bummed to have missed those but looking forward to Ryan Reynolds.

10:30 AM - I count a total of 47 camera crews on the press line waiting for interviews. Way too much media has now invaded Comic-Con.

10:45 AM - I chat with Ryan Reynolds about his role as “Green Lantern.” He tells me that the shoulder injury he sustained on set last week was blown out of proportion. All is well. I explained that one guy has been camped out since 5 PM yesterday just to get into the “Green Lantern” panel. Ryan jokes, “That’s my mom Tammy Reynolds!”

10:55 AM - Blake Lively is back to blonde after spending the first half of the summer shooting the movie as a brunette. She claims people took her more seriously as a brunette. She also recently spent some time filming scenes for “Gossip Girl” season four in Paris. She and Leighton Meister were spotted attending Paris Fashion Week but Blake explained that it was just for fun and not actually for the show.

11:00 AM - Chatted with Peter Sarsgaard who plays the villain in “Green Lantern.” He was excited for the fans to get to see footage from the film at the panel but he hopes that the producers keep the look of his character under wraps. He wants it to be a surprise when the film comes out.

11:45 AM - The gorgeous Carla Gugino tells me about her role in the new movie “Sucker Punch” from director Zack Snyder (“300”). The movie sounds trippy. Carla also chats about californi-cating with David Duchovny on Showtime’s “Californication” this year. Sounds like things will get quite heated between them.

11:55 AM - Jena Malone and Vanessa Hudgens talk to me about the two and half month training that went into getting ready for “Sucker Punch.” They learned martial arts and how to shoot guns… and even trained with Navy Seals.

12:30 PM - Lunch break over at the Wired Cafe inside the Omni Hotel. I’m sitting right next to two vampires - “Twilight’s” Kellan Lutz and “True Blood’s” James Frain (who plays Franklin on the show). James explains how Franklin is planning to make Tara (Rutina Wesley) his vampire bride. I’m not sure how long he will be sticking around the HBO show as he has been cast in NBC’s “The Cape” which premières in January. He also has a role in “Tron: Legacy.”

2:00 PM - Tom Felton from the Harry Potter films is the sole cast member at Comic-Con to represent the films. He jokes that having to watching himself go through puberty on screen through all the films has been tough and that he and Daniel Radcliffe go back and watch the first film and can’t believe what bad actors they were! Felton has already moved on to his next projects. He just wrapped filming on a movie with “Twilight’s” Ashley Green and from Comic-Con he goes straight to the set of the new “Planet of the Apes” movie (starring James Franco). He’ll play a human character named Dodge.

2:30 PM - Break time. I hit the convention floor and spot “The Event” star Jason Ritter walking around on his own.

5:00 PM - Time to get some scoop from the cast of “The Vampire Diaries.” Louisiana native Ian Somerhalder first tells me how devastated he is over the BP oil spill. He has spent his summer down there trying to help out and filming PSA’s. Nina Dobrev spent her summer down in Australia. She’s looking forward to getting to play the dual role of Elena and Katherine in season two.

6:00 PM – I rush back over to the Hilton only to find out that the cast of “Cowboys vs. Aliens” are running 45 minutes late because someone was apparently stabbed in Hall H where the panel is about to take place. Later, it’s downgraded to a fight and an eye scratch.

6:45 pm – I chat with “Cowboys vs Aliens” Sam Rockwell who is sporting quite the mustache for his role in the film. Adam Beach explains to me that in the film he is playing Harrison Ford’s right hand man. He tells me that if I want he will wear his cowboy outfit for me. I blush. My camera guy cracks up.

7:30 PM - “Cowboys vs. Aliens” director Jon Favreau explains how he got Harrison Ford to come to Comic-Con for the first time ever. Ford told him he would have to drag him there in handcuffs. So he did!

8:00 PM - I get to meet Chris Hemsworth who is playing “Thor.” WOW! That’s all I can say about him. Aussie hottie extraordinaire!

8:15 PM - Natalie Portman tells me she has not been approached about playing Lisbeth Salander for the American version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” but she is a fan of the books and is looking forward to seeing what director David Fincher does with it.

9:00 PM – I arrive to the EW/SyFy party at the Hotel Solamar. The first celebrity inside the party is Seth Green. An editor of EW accidentally spills a drink all over my sweater! So, I have to freeze the rest of the night.

9:15 PM - Michael Cera stands right next to me with a group of friends and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” co-star Kieran Culkin. They snack on mini peanut butter sandwiches.

9:30 PM - The party is heating up. I spot Nathan Fillion from ABC’s “Castle” and Blair Underwood from NBC’s “The Event.”

9:35 PM - “Captain America” star Chris Evans hangs with two cute friends. They all sip on some girly looking drinks. Later, I spot them hanging out right by the private area where the cast of “True Blood” is holding court.

9:45 PM - Spot my pals from the cast of “Glee.” The whole gang sits together in a private area.

9:50 PM - Out on the street I run into “Chuck’s” Zach Levi looking cute in a striped sweater in glasses. He gives me a hug and I apologize for missing out on our interviews this morning.

9:55 pm - Arrive to Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel, which is hopping. “Nikita’s” Maggie Q and Aisha Tyler hang with friends at a table. Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Carla Gugino and the rest of the cast of “Sucker Punch” are enjoying a huge group dinner. Some of the cast of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” are wrapping up their dinner.

10:30 PM - “The Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki has apparently lost his wallet. Our waiter Luke crawls under the table next to us and finds it. He runs down the street to give it back to a grateful Johnny.

And, that’s a wrap folks!

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