Dish Of Salt: ‘The Goonies’ Reunited & The ‘Entourage’ Boys Go Viral

A ‘Goonies’ Gathering 25 Years In The Making
It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since “Mouth,” “Chunk,” “Data” and “Mikey” went treasure hunting in “The Goonies.” The classic 1980’s film, penned by Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner, has endured over the years and has been consistently ranked as one of the top 25 best family films of all time. It lives on in DVD and just in time for the holidays comes a special 25th anniversary special collector’s edition on Blu Ray and DVD.

So, what ever happened to the cast of the film? Well, they gathered together last night in Los Angeles for a reunion to celebrate the DVD’s launch in stores on November 2.

Of course, we know what happened to Corey Feldman, aka “Mouth,” who went on to become a well known teen movie star in films like “Stand By Me” and “License To Drive.” His personal trials and tribulations, overcoming years of drug abuse, have been well documented, but he’s been clean for decades. Chatting with him last night, it was clear he is in very good place. Filming “The Goonies” remains one of his fondest memories, which he happily chatted about in our interview. Plus, he revealed why he thinks doing a remake of the film would be a “travesty.” Check it out HERE.

Jeff Cohen, aka “Chunk,” left the acting world soon after “The Goonies,” which he jokingly chalked up to puberty. However, he is still involved in the entertainment industry in a completely different way. Almost completely unrecognizable these days, Cohen joked he went from “Chunk to Hunk!” See what he has been up to career wise and find out if he ever does the “truffle shuffle” anymore in our interview HERE.

Jonathan Ke Quan, aka “Data,” went on to appear in the late 80’s sitcom “Head of the Class” and now he’s got other projects in the works. He chatted with me about that and revealed why he never swore in “The Goonies,” despite all the expletives being thrown around by the other kids. Watch the interview HERE.

For years, rumors have been kicking around that a “Goonies” sequel was in the works. Director Richard Donner explained where that stands today in our interview HERE.

‘Entourage’ Stars Have The ‘Need For Speed’
I’ve got your exclusive first look at a funny new viral ad for EA Sports’ “Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit” video game. In the video, “Entourage” stars Kevin Dillon (“Drama”) and Jerry Ferrara (“Turtle) play sparring valets at a swank hotel who refuse to park cars they don’t deem fast or cool enough. Watch the video HERE.

“Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit” hits stores November 16 just in time to satisfy the games on your holiday gift list. Check out the game for yourself HERE.

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