Dish Of Salt: Thursday TV Dish (Aaron Kelly Talks ‘Idol’ Elimination)

“American Idol” is down to its final four - Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, Lee DeWyze and Michael Lynche. 17-year-old Aaron Kelly was eliminated last night and this morning he chatted with reporters about his experience on the show. What are his future plans, and why did his schoolwork help him out during the competition? Plus, why you might want to dump ABC’s “Happy Town” from your DVR. It’s all in today’s Dish.

Aaron’s ‘Idol’ Journey Ends

Despite the fact that he went out on the week Harry Connick Jr. was the mentor, Aaron told reporters this morning that Harry was his favorite of all the mentors this season. “He worked with us on such a personal level,” Aaron said. “He worked really hard in making sure that we all shined on our performance night.”

With Simon Cowell vacating the judges’ table, Aaron thinks Harry could fill the spot perfectly. “He would be a great replacement for Simon. He is very honest.”

Because he was a minor, Aaron had to spend a certain amount of time doing schoolwork during his run on the show. He said he would wake up earlier than other contestants to go to school, but that the extra work was actually helpful for his mindset on the show, “I look at it as, you know, the contestants have to worry about their performance or the results but I have to worry about astronomy. So, I’m not thinking about all this stuff. I have school to take my mind off of it. So I use it as an advantage.”

He’ll be finishing up his senior year credits and graduating high school soon and then it’s on to making an album, hopefully. “Country music is what I have grown up listening too. It’s what I feel I fit most comfortably with,” he said. “The people that inspire me most are Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. They have such great honest music. I have a great time performing country music. I see myself hopefully going down that road.”

Aaron’s ‘Idol’ journey began long before he made the show. Why? Check out the article HERE.

“Bachelorette” Sneak Peek

I just finished watching the first episode of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” (minus the rose ceremony) and while I can’t give away too much, I can say that the producers seemed to have found a perfect group of guys for 25-year-old Ali Fedotowsky - with the exception of a few. Most seem like decent, down to earth fellas. A few seem like major players just looking for some airtime. For regular watchers of the show, who know how their reality show minds now work, the producers clearly are setting up some big betrayal storylines. One of the first things Ali says to Chris Harrison is, “I gave up so much to be here and I’m so scared that someone will let the idea that this is a game to be won get in the way of whether or not they really have feelings for me.” Later, at the cocktail party, all the guys are asked to write down which man they think is not there for the right reasons. Ali then confronts the majority pick. Does anyone really watch this show for the love story anymore? Personally, I love the drama, scandal and betrayal. No wonder I’m single. ABC, May 24th. 8PM ET/PT.

In Case You Missed It

Ever wonder how to get out of a burning car? Or what do if wild dogs are chasing you? “Man vs. Wild” host Bear Grylls had those answers last night. It was the series premiere of Discovery Channel’s new show “Worst Case Scenario,” based on the best selling books of the same name. It’s like a MacGyver reality show! They even told me how to get the gum off the bottom of my $800 Christian Louboutins, so I’m all set.

Check out a clip HERE.

Tune In / Tune Out

IN - It’s Mother’s Day at “30 Rock” and all the “TGS” moms are paying a visit. Liz meets her mom’s old flame, while Jack’s mom (Elaine Stritch) gets tangled in his love triangle between CNBC reporter Avery (Elizabeth Banks) and high school sweetheart Donna (Julianne Moore). Guaranteed it’s going to be funny. NBC, 9 PM ET/PT.

OUT - Gwyneth Paltrow visits “The Marriage Ref” as a panelist, which seems closely tied to the fact that her movie “Iron Man 2” opens in theaters tomorrow. Of course, she has been married to Coldplay front man Chris Martin for almost seven years. So, I guess she knows a thing or two about marriage. NBC, 10 PM ET/PT.

DVR It / Dump It

DVR - Elena’s manipulative vampire mommy (Mia Kirshner) pays a visit to Mystic Falls on “The Vampire Diaries” and it promises to be a bloody good reunion! CW, 8/7C.

DUMP - You might not want to get too caught up in the mysteries of “Happy Town.” Last night, the ABC drama dropped a super steep 29 percent from its premiere episode last week.

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