Dish Of Salt: Thursday TV Dish (Big MIke Talks ‘Idol’ Elimination)

“American Idol” said goodbye to Michael Lynche last night. Who was his special guest with him this morning for interviews? Also, which Spice Girl is a major Gleek and wants their songs used in the show? Plus, an 80’s flashback for Courteney Cox last night on “Cougar Town.” It’s all in today’s Dish.

Lynche’s Last Song

That final image, last night, of Michael Lynche repeatedly kissing his baby daughter Laila Rose, on the cheek, was by far one the best goodbye moments ever on “American Idol.” Big Mike had his baby girl by his side this morning as he took questions from reporters about his time on the show. Though he didn’t reach his goal of making it into the top three, Mike said he knows this was what was meant to happen. “I am where I am supposed to be,” he said. “God definitely has a plan for my life and all of our lives. I don’t feel like I let anyone down. I came out and did what I do and, you know, the people just didn’t vote that way. So it’s all good.”

Mike’s time on the show was nearly cut short during the week of the top nine. However, the judges used their save on Mike, keeping him in the competition. “I like that concept of, ‘sing for your life,’” Mike revealed. “Really every week to me is ‘sing for your life’ because, you know, nothing is guaranteed for you on the show. Your time isn’t guaranteed at all and so I never wanted to take anything for granted. When I got to that point and, you know, it was literally, ‘Sing for your life and the life of your family and your future, here is your one chance.’ I felt like I could do that.”

He did. The guy lasted five more weeks, which is a major accomplishment! So, where did he get that strength to continue on each week?

From playing football!

“I wanted to have a warriors mentality while I was in the competition,” he explained. “So that’s why I took the approach of having a game plan and sticking to that game plan no matter how the wind blows you. It served me well up until this point. Top 4 is not such a bad place to be.”

No, it’s not.

Mel B’s A Gleek!

Add Mel B to the growing list of celebrities (and their kids) who are huge fans of FOX’s “Glee.” Last night, at party celebrating the upcoming season of her Oxygen Show “Dance Your Ass Off,” she told us she is using the tickets to next week’s live “Glee” concert tour to keep her kids well behaved, “It’s been the ultimate bribe. If you don’t behave yourself you’re not going to see ‘Glee’!”

Mel said she is going to start lobbying for them to follow up their Madonna themed episode with an episode dedicated to her former UK power pop group. “I’m gonna write in to the director. ‘Glee’ you need to do a Spice Girls episode!”

The whole “Glee” club singing “Wannabe?” I could totally see it!

In Case You Missed It

Fans of Courteney Cox know well that she is the girl who famously danced with Bruce Springsteen in his “Born In The USA” music video back in 1984. She’s got a page boy haircut and he pulls her up on stage and she does some finger snap movements while she dances. Well, last night on “Cougar Town,” Courteney was snapping those fingers again. On the show, her son, while looking through her yearbook, stumbles upon a photo of her character Jules dancing with Bruce Springsteen. Courteney then recreates her dance for him. It was a great way to take something from Courteney’s real life and use it in her fictional life. Loved it!

Watch the full episode HERE.

Tune In/Tune Out

IN - It’s season finale time in Mystic Falls as “Vampire Diaries” closes out its stellar first year on the CW. The Founder’s Day celebration finally arrives and there are sure to be fireworks of all kinds - and a few dead bodies too. CW, 8 PM ET/PT.

Check out the preview clips HERE.

OUT - I won’t say why I don’t like ABC’s “Private Practice,” but I just don’t. Tonight’s their third season finale (hint: a major character dies!), airing a week early to give “Grey’s Anatomy” time for their two-hour finale next Thursday. ABC, 10 PM ET/PT.

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