Dish Of Salt: Tuesday TV Dish (‘Dancing’ Stars Rise To The Cha Cha Challenge)

“Dancing with the Stars” was the most watched show of the night last night (by a mile, might I add!). However, which “Star” forgot her steps? Plus, why Spencer Pratt is earning a Tune Out tonight! Betty White is hotter than ever — but why a cable network is cashing in on her popularity as she prepares to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. It’s all in today’s Dish.

‘Dancing’ Dominates

All eyes were on “Dancing with the Stars” last night as 19 million-plus viewers caught the final six couples’ cha cha challenge. The judges were mostly impressed by Team Gaga, who danced to “Telephone,” and Team Madonna, who danced to “Holiday,” but one star admitted her feet got just a little bit tangled. “I forget a few steps,” Pamela Anderson revealed to Access’ Shaun Robinson backstage after the show. “I just really got caught up in the moment and I just enjoy it and sometimes my feet get away from me!” Clearly, the judges did not seem to notice as Team Gaga received all 9s for their cha cha. Team Madonna settled for 8s from the judges. One couple goes home tonight on the results show.

Check out what Evan Lysacek had to say about his perfect 10s in the Argentine tango HERE.

White Hot Betty

Right now, Betty White is in the midst of rehearsing for her much-publicized gig hosting “Saturday Night Live” on May 8. As further proof that Betty’s fame level is white hot right now, the WE network is celebrating her fabulousness with “It’s Saturday Night With Betty White!” A 14-episode “Golden Girls” marathon will feature the best episodes of Rose Nylund, her loveable, but dim witted, character from the long-running sitcom. The marathon runs from 6 PM to 1 AM ET/PT. I like the idea of celebrating all things Betty, but out of respect for the 88-year-old legend, you would think they might have ended it at 11:30 PM so fans can switch over to “SNL.” That’s what I will be doing!

In Case You Missed It

Supermodel Rachel Hunter made a cameo last night on ABC Family’s “10 Things I Hate About You” as the host of a fake reality competition series called “The Poser.” The show within a show was done as a tongue-in-cheek nod to show’s like “America’s Next Top Model” but with guys competing to become the biggest “poser” - as in the king of modeling poses. Of course, those who remember Rachel as a judge on ABC’s ridiculous show “Are You Hot?” might have gotten the joke a little more than others. Let’s just hope this doesn’t give anyone any ideas for a real show about male models.

Check out an extended scene of the fictional “The Poser” HERE.

Tune In/Tune Out

In - May sweeps is in full swing with a lot of good juicy stuff tonight. Harry Connick Jr. mentors the top five “American Idol” contestants tonight. They’ll be singing the songs of Frank Sinatra. FOX 8 PM ET/PT. “Glee” welcomes Olivia Newton-John to the party and Molly Shannon transfers in as a rival teacher to Sue Sylvester. FOX 9 PM ET/PT.

Out - Spencer Pratt tries to heal himself by using crystals all over his body on “The Hills” tonight. Plus, he could really use a shower and a haircut! What is up with him lately?

DVR It/Dump It

DVR - “The Biggest Loser” features its popular makeover episode tonight, as the remaining six contestants get glammed up. NBC 8 PM ET/PT. Meanwhile, “Lost” is down to its final four episodes. So savor each one as if it were your last - because it is! ABC 9 PM ET/PT.

Dump - Oh “Gossip Girl,” what has become of you this season? I’m more bored than Blair Waldorf at a Dan Humphrey poetry reading.

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