Dish Of Salt: Tuesday TV Dish (Dishing on FOX & ABC’s New Fall Shows)

FOX announced their new fall shows yesterday afternoon, while ABC announced theirs today. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from these new shows.

FOX Fall

“Lonestar” - (Pictured Above) From the producers of “Party of Five” comes this drama about a young con artist (newcomer James Wolk) living two lives in Texas. In Houston, he’s married to Cat (Adrianne Palicki from “Friday Night Lights) and working for her rich, oil billionaire father (Jon Voight). In Midland, he lives with his girlfriend Lindsay (Eloise Mumford) and cons local investors out of their savings. It’s an intriguing concept and it will be interesting to see how they can make Wolk’s character sympathetic enough for viewers to follow along as he tries to keep his two worlds from colliding.

Watch a preview of “Lonestar” HERE

Mondays 9 PM ET/PT.

“Raising Hope” - A single-camera comedy from the creator of “My Name Is Earl” about an eccentric family who have to help raise their 23-year-old son’s baby after he gets a wanted felon pregnant (and she lands in prison). Like “Earl,” the show has got a quirky cast of characters, including Cloris Leachman as the grandmother. Think “Malcolm in the Middle” meets “Earl.” The preview trailer certainly made me chuckle. This could be a good fit for FOX.

Watch a preview of “Raising Hope” HERE.

Tuesdays 8 PM ET/PT.

‘Running Wilde” - If fans of FOX’s brilliant “Arrested Development” are looking for a way to fill that void, then this romantic comedy starring (and co-created by) Will Arnett could be the show. Will plays Steve Wilde, a billionaire playboy who has never worked a day in his life. The only thing he has never been able to buy is the love of Emmy (Keri Russell from “Felicity”) who comes back to town with the hope he can help save her charitable rainforest cause. Steve is definitely a derivate of Gob Bluth - but maybe just a little less clueless.

Watching a preview of “Running Wilde” HERE.

Tuesdays 8:30 PM ET/PT.

ABC Fall

“No Ordinary Family” - A family whose plane crash lands in the Amazon wake up (unharmed) and discover they each now possess unique superpowers. Michael Chiklis (“The Shield) and Julie Benz (“Dexter”) star as the parents. After watching the pilot, it feels like this show would work better as more of a comedy. It leans way more toward a drama.

Watch a preview of “No Ordinary Family” HERE.

Tuesdays 8 PM ET/PT.

“Detroit 1-8-7” - We have seen plenty of comedies that employ the mockumentary style element on their shows - a la “The Office,” “Modern Family” and “Parks and Recreation.” For the first time, we see it in a drama with this ABC cop show about a Detroit Homicide division who allow a documentary crew to tag along as they investigate crimes. We certainly don’t need another cop drama, but the documentary angle at least adds a new element. Plus, it’s got Michael Imperioli (“The Sopranos”) who has perfected the cop role recently. It’s a heck of lot more gritty than “Castle” though. So putting this series on after the “Dancing with the Stars” results show might make it a tough sell.

Watch a preview of “Detriot 1-8-7” HERE.

Tuesdays 10 PM ET/PT.

“Better Together” - A traditional in-studio sitcom starring Joanna Garcia (“Privileged”) and Jennifer Finnigan (“Close to Home”) as sisters Mia and Maddie who are in two very different relationships. Maddie has been with her boyfriend for nine years and chosen not to get married. Mia gets engaged to a guy she has only been dating for two months. After watching the pilot, the show just doesn’t feel like the right fit to be sandwiched between “The Middle” and “Modern Family.” I’m all for the return of traditional sitcoms, but only if they are good. With tired jokes like, “Getting married after two months? What is she — a Kardashian?” this show has got to do “Better.”

Watch a preview of “Better Together” HERE.

Wednesdays 8:30 PM ET/PT.

“My Generation” - Another new ABC show with a documentary crew tagging along. This time, it’s a dramedy following a group of high schoolers 10 years after graduation to see what become of their lives. Think of it as a scripted version of TV Land’s “High School Reunion.” The pilot moves a little slowly, but it could be a good lead-in for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Watch a preview of “My Generation” HERE.

Thursdays 8 PM ET/PT.

“The Whole Truth” - A legal drama from uber producer Jerry Bruckheimer. This one chronicles a case from the perspective of both the defense and the prosecution showing both sides equally. You lost me at legal drama.

Watch a preview of “The Whole Truth” HERE.

Wednesdays 10 PM ET/PT.

“Secret Millionaire” - ABC picked up this reality series from FOX (which aired two years ago) about wealthy people who go undercover living the poor life. The show averaged around 10 million viewers back in 2008 on FOX, so it’s possible it could find an audience again. Seems like a good Friday night type of show.

More info about the show HERE.

Fridays 8 PM ET/PT.

“Body of Proof” - Dana Delaney (“Desperate Housewives”) stars as a former neurosurgeon whose career is cut short after a car accident. She resumes her career as a medical examiner and must solve the puzzle of what killed the victim. Yet another procedural show. This combines legal and medical shows into one package - because really, we don’t have enough of those shows on the air. (That was sarcasm people.) Personally, I think she should have stayed crazy on Wisteria Lane.

Watch a preview of “Body of Proof” HERE.

Fridays 9 PM ET/PT.

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