Dish Of Salt: Tuesday TV Round Up (February 16, 2010)

I’m giving kudos to Adam Lambert for putting a rude fan in her place last night. But, I’m giving a thumbs down to “The Bachelor’s” Jake Pavelka for his oversharing on the show last night. Plus, I’ve got the scoop on how you can be part of the Jason and Molly “Bachelor” wedding.

Lambert Scolds Fan
If you are lucky enough to score front row seats to a live concert, here is a little note — don’t talk on your cell phone! One rude fan got a wake-up call from “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert during a live show for iheartradio in New York City. Adam was about 1:35 into an acoustic version of his song “Whataya Want From Me” when all of sudden he stopped singing and addressed a girl in the crowd who was talking on her cell phone, “Ok, wait. Sorry, sorry. Can you get off your phone? You’re yelling into it,” Adam said to the rude chick. “Wait. Sorry. We are going to start over. Sorry guys,” he apologized to the rest of the crowd. The crowd hooted and hollered and then Adam joked, “Really? Domino’s… We deliver,” followed by a sarcastic zinger; “You are not watching TV honey. Live show.”

Good for Adam for shutting this insensitive chick up, but in an appropriate manor. I would have had her butt tossed out by security.

Check out Adam’s performance HERE

“Idol” Top 24 Shake Up
In other “American Idol” news, some of the Top 24 semifinalists will be revealed in a special two-hour event airing during the show tonight on FOX. The way it will go down is contestants will take the stage to perform their final solo number in front of Simon, Ellen, Kara and Randy in hopes of singing their way into the Top 24. Following these performances, the judges will deliberate, and for the first time in “Idol” history, announce some of the Top 24 semifinalists. The judges will reveal the remaining contestants who will round out the Top 24 on Wednesday night’s show. Then, the top 12 males and top 12 females will take the stage the following Tuesday and Wednesday night, with the eliminees revealed on Thursday. A spoiler list of Top 24 contestants has been floating around the Internet for at least a month. It will be interesting to compare and see if they got it right, yet again.

“The Bachelor” Boots Gia
Is anyone else as bothered by last night’s “The Bachelor” as I am? Watching the show, I heard Jake Pavelka talk about how he was in love with all three women and I felt as if I was going to vomit right there and then. I can’t recall any other contestant who stood up in front of three women and said to their faces he was in love with all three. How gross is that? I think I would have ditched him on the spot. Last night, he sent Gia packing, which wasn’t too much of a shocker. The person who gets the first fantasy date is usually the one to go home first. Plus, wasn’t Gia the only girl who Jake didn’t ask her parents for permission to marry on their hometown date? Now it’s down to his final two girls — good girl Tenley and cross-eyed Vienna.

Ali, who left the show last week to return to her job at Facebook, made her play to come back on the phone last night. Jake said “No,” but it certainly seemed like the perfect set up to have Ali be the next “Bachelorette,” as has been rumored. She told Ellen DeGeneres, on her talk show yesterday, that she would “think about it” if the opportunity presented itself. It’s sounding more and more like it’s a done deal. One of my former “Bachelorette” buddies tweeted this morning that he heard from a friend who works in the corporate office at Facebook that Ali had given her notice at work. I guess giving up your job for the love of one man was not a good idea to Ali, but giving up your job to choose between 25 eligible men is. Can’t say I blame her.

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By the way, if you are looking to send a gift to Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney for their upcoming televised wedding, I’ve just learned they are registered at Macy’s. Click HERE to view their registry.

I’m told cameras will be following them tomorrow night as they pick out items they want to add to their registry from a store here in Los Angeles. Must be nice to have ABC pick up the tab AND get wedding presents too.

CW’s Early Pickups
The CW network has given early pickups for Fall 2010 to five of its shows. Vampires are still hot right now so it’s no surprise that the breakout hit “The Vampire Diaries” will return for a second season. “Diaries” is The CW’s most watched series right now. Also renewed is “Supernatural” for a sixth season, a show with a small but loyal cult following. Serena, Blair, Chuck and Dan will be back to terrorize Manhattan’s Upper East Side for a fourth season of “Gossip Girl.” Also, the gang from “90210” has been given a shot at a season three and “America’s Next Top Model” will be back for cycles 15 and 16. New episodes for “Melrose Place” return on March 9, but unless a miracle happens, it looks like Heather Locklear could not save the redux. Though The CW claims they will announce the rest of their schedule at a later date, “Melrose” not getting an early pickup most likely means we can bid sayonara to it.

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