Dish Of Salt: Vampire Girl On Why She Left ‘The Bachelor’… And Those Fangs!

Madison Gartin will forever be known as “The Bachelor’s” vampire girl. The 25-year-old blond model from New York City shocked audiences by revealing her vampire fangs to Brad Womack on the show’s first episode. This morning in a conference call with reporters, Madison revealed her obsession with the mythological beings.

“I’ve always had a little vampire thing,” she explained. “Sort of into the dark side of things. Love the mystery and, you know… sexiness of the whole idea.”

And her connection to the vampire world runs even deeper, thanks to a chance encounter. “Lo and behold, I happened to run into the leader of the underground vampire world — which is actually — a lot of people have mistaken that I am a member. I am not. We became friends and he had the fang smith and all of that and I had a pair made and they were great. I wore them for Halloween and had such a blast that I took them out on numerous occasions afterward.”

But the big question is - is she Team Jacob or Team Edward!?

“I am team Louis from ‘Interview with A Vampire.’ I mean, that or team Armand. Definitely a ‘Twilight’ fan still. I like the books a little bit better than the movie. I think it’s great and it’s fun to watch and I watch them all. Of course, I have to be a Team Edward fan. I’m a vampire!”

Madison admits her faux fang ware can send men running the other way. Although Brad seemed intrigued by it. “I get mixed reviews and some people don’t even realize that they are there and some people do and are afraid to ask and some people run for the hills. It was definitely a vote of confidence that he was able to handle that, for sure, because that is a side of me and if he can’t swallow the fangs then he was not going to be the kind of man that could probably swallow me as a whole.”

Ultimately, it was Madison who just wasn’t feeling it for Brad. At Monday night’s rose ceremony, she left before Brad could give her a rose.

“I’m probably not looking for the down home Texas guy. I don’t know that he gets out and I don’t think he travels much and a lot of those things that I am very interested in I don’t know that he necessarily does and probably vice versa.”

So, what exactly is her type? “I kind of like that dark, tall, sexy handsome guy with a little bit of a mysterious side to himself. There is nothing like some confidence and intrigue to someone to really peak your interest.”

Hmmm… sounds a lot like “Twilight’s” Edward Cullen!

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