DNA Results Reveal Michael Lohan Is Father Of 17-Year-Old Girl

Lindsay Lohan has a half-sister.

In an appearance on the “The Trisha Goddard Show” on Thursday, it is revealed that Michael Lohan is the father of Ashley Horn, 17.

For years, Kristi Horn has claimed that Michael Lohan is the biological father of her daughter Ashley.

In a clip from the show, host Trisha is seen asking who wants to open the DNA results envelope, and Ashley volunteers, saying, “I’ll do it, it’s my life.”

Michael adds, “It’s all of our lives.”

After Ashley opens the DNA diagnostics results envelope, Kristi is seen breaking down in tears, while Ashley remains silent. Curious about the outcome, Trisha leans over to discover the truth and announces, “Michael is Ashley’s father.”

Through her tears Kristi is seen saying to Michael, “You have another daughter and you missed out on 17 years of her life.”

Immediately following the taping of the show, Access Hollywood sat down with Trisha to get the behind the scenes scoop on what went down, including Michael’s reaction to the paternity news.

“I think he knew,” the host told Access. “I think he could see all of the similarities. It’s one thing looking at a photograph – it’s another seeing someone in the flesh.”

Adding, “I don’t think it was that much a shock to him. It think he’s probably known all along.”

Trisha hopes the DNA proof can provide “a new beginning” for Michael and Ashley.

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