Doctor: Brittany Murphy’s Death Similar To Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger & Michael Jackson

Toxicology reports are still pending in the death of Brittany Murphy, but some believe a lethal mixture of prescription drugs led to the sudden death of the 32-year-old actress on Sunday.

“I believe that Brittany Murphy’s death will prove to be essentially the same as the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith, her son Daniel Smith, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger,” Dr. Cyril Wecht told Access Hollywood in an interview on Tuesday.

“Not necessarily the same drugs, but a combination of drugs, producing the same effect…acute combined drug toxicity is the way in which these death are characterized. They imply that several drugs have been used,” he continued.

According to notes reportedly written by an investigator for the coroner’s office, no alcohol or illegal drugs were discovered at Murphy’s home, but there was a slew of prescription medications found in her name, as well as empty bottles in the names of her husband, Simon Monjack, her mother, Sharon Murphy, and other unidentified third party individuals.

The notes are said to list among other drugs found: the migraine medicine Topamax, anti-depressant drug Fluoxetine, anti-seizure medication Klonopin, Ativan for anti-anxiety and Propranolol, a medication which is used to prevent heart attacks.

According to Dr. Wecht, Murphy’s death could have been prevented.

”[This is] a great tragedy, an accidental death, as far as I’m concerned, but one that could be prevented, " he told Access.

He noted that many of the drugs Murphy was reportedly taking were also being used by other celebrities who have suddenly died.

“Klonopin found in Anna Nicole Smith, is one of the drugs that have been identified…and Ativan found with Michael Jackson, [is] one of the drugs that Dr. Conrad Murray used that evening Michael died,” he noted. “Not surprising because these are very commonly used drugs.”

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