Does Jen Wear The Pants?

Are you a fan, like Access, of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn?

Want to see them together finally looking like a couple?

With the premiere of ?The Break-Up? on June 2, it looks like Jen wears the pants in this relationship or should we say, ?the shorts??

She may be a foot shorter than Vince, but she?s all leg, and with the help of cute espadrilles and a spicy attitude, Jen?s right up in Vince?s face.

During the shoot, Jen and Vince rolled out the 1980s tunes and got into a groove!

?We were trying to have some fun there, so, we put on Whitney Houston and kind of goofed around with it,? Vince told our Billy Bush. ?It was a lot of fun.?

And Jen brought her endless legs to the David Letterman show Wednesday?

?The reason that’s a tremendous outfit is you have tremendous legs,? Dave teased.

Ahhh, flattery will get you almost anywhere, Dave! Anywhere, that is, but into Jen’s personal life.

?I meant in real life that the two of you were dating and there’s nothing wrong with that,? Dave said. ?Good heavens! You’re both adults. Why not go out on dates??

?Can you remind me? Is it true, this rumor about you and Oprah?? Jen chuckled.

Slam dunk! Jen deflects, but Dave?s no quitter.

?Oprah is gonna pay $8 million for a wedding for Jennifer and Vince Vaughn,” Dave read. “We know that’s not true.”

?That’s not true,? Jen confirmed.

?How much is she paying?? Dave teased. Jen burst into laughter.

But seriously, Jen, you don’t need an $8 million shindig. Your wedding would be lovely even at a drive-through chapel in Vegas!

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