Don Cheadle: ‘Iron Man 3’ Is More ‘Action Packed’; Talks ‘House Of Lies’ Lingo

Don Cheadle is enjoying his role as Marty Kaan on Showtime’s “House of Lies,” but fans shouldn’t worry. The series’ shooting schedule won’t conflict with the actor taking on “Iron Man 3” this spring.

“I have to shoot ‘Iron Man 3’ in May,” he told Access Hollywood recently as he promoted his hot cable show, which he stars in and executive produces. “It’s manageable. I can juggle it, so I’m good.”

The actor confirmed he has “seen a version of the script,” but joked it needed a little work.

“What did you think of it?” Access asked.

“I wasn’t in it enough, so they’re going to have to [go back to] the drawing board,” he said, tongue-in-cheek.

As for his real thoughts on the upcoming Marvel project, Don said – compared to the first two installments – this one is even more exciting.

“This one’s a lot more — the one I saw anyway, and it’ll change [in] five months, it’ll change a lot — but it’s a lot more, it’s more action packed,” Don told Access. “It’s crazy, it is though, it’s a lot more fun. I think the interplay between [Robert Downey Jr.’s] character and my character… My character is a lot more dynamic, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Don’s own show, which airs on Sunday nights at 10 PM on Showtime, sees the actor playing Marty, the head of a band of management consultants, who are called in to help out corporate America and business people in times of crisis.

At times in the series, which also stars Kristen Bell, Don, as Marty, speaks straight to the camera, breaking what the actors call “the fourth wall,” and explaining the lingo the team use as they work out their deals.

“Management consulting is kind of an inside thing.[Breaking the fourth wall], I think it helps people to understand what we’re doing and these terminologies that we throw around. – ‘boiling the ocean,’ ‘opening the kimono.’ it’s nice to take a pause and go, ‘This is all that means, don’t sweat it, you’re fine.’” Don explained. “And then we keep going.”

Don admitted a few of the show’s fancy phrases have even crept into his own vocabulary.

“I’ve tried not to, but I’ve said, ‘trying to drill down into this’ before and things like that kind of sneak their way [in], where my wife looks at me and says, ‘Don’t say that,’” Don said. “But, it’s fun because it’s its own anthropological language and it gives you kind of an insight into who these guys are.”

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