Donald Trump On Carrie Prejean’s ‘Larry King Live’ Appearance: ‘It Was Very Sad’

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” last night and the interview took an awkward turn when Prejean said King’s line of questioning was “inappropriate.”

On Thursday, Billy Bush spoke to Donald Trump for Access Hollywood and “The Billy Bush Show,” where Trump weighed in on Prejean’s appearance.

“I got to watch and I thought it was very strange and very sad, actually. Larry was asking a question and she could have answered the question in a certain way that wouldn’t have violated any of the rules,” Trump said. “I don’t know what happened. It was a very strange event. It’s good television.

“I don’t think Larry’s ever been called ‘inappropriate.’ You know, Larry is one of the great interviewers of all time,” Trump continued. “I’ve been on his show many times. I don’t think there’s anybody better than Larry King and I don’t think anybody has ever said that he was inappropriate before. In fact, I think that took him by surprise.”

When Bush said he thought Prejean has lost a lot of support due to recent events, Trump said, “She’s a very tough girl and she is a person who sometimes behaves inappropriately. It’s a very sad situation. I hate to see it happening to her. I hated to watch her last night on ‘Larry King Live.’ I thought it was very sad.”

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