Donald’s Duels

LOS ANGELES (December 22, 2006) --Star Jones, Tom Selleck and now Donald Trump. When it comes to feuds, Rosie O?Donnell is actually kind of an amateur. The Donald however is a seasoned veteran. Today we open the archives for an uncensored look at what we?re dubbing ?Donald?s Duels.?

No stranger to public feuds, the Donald criticized his former friend Martha Stewart last February when they both blamed each other for the failure of Martha?s ?Apprentice.?

?Martha has to take responsibility for her own failures,? is what we caught him saying to our cameras.

?I’m hurt and I’m really very upset at my longtime friend,? Martha said in response.

When asked by Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent why he took the matter public instead of calling Martha up personally, Donald said: ?Because I don?t want to waste my time.?

In August, Donald made headlines when he fired longtime employee and “Apprentice” co-star Carolyn Kepcher because she became , according to Donald anyway, a ?prima donna? and her ?TV role went to her head.?

?What I did was good for Carolyn,? Trump continued. ?I did the best thing for Carolyn.?

A kinder, gentler Donald? Martha didn?t think so.

?By the time that he is finished he would have fired everyone around him and there will be nobody left,? Martha said.

Access Hollywood?s Billy Bush witnessed Trump unleash his temper on Election Day when an old friend couldn?t help Donald vote where he wasn?t registered.

?You didn’t do right by me,? Trump said to a voting official. ?You didn?t do right by man.?

Trump also lashed out at rich to-be-married types regarding prenuptial agreements.

?Anybody that gets married without them if they are wealthy should be institutionalized,? he said.

The Donald would know. He fought bitterly with his first wife Ivana until their divorce was final. That feud cost him 25 million.

Donald left Ivana for Marla. They were married six years and when divorce time came, big surprise, they fought over Donald?s dough. Marla?s prenup left her with two million.

Donald and Mark Cuban had more of a good-natured feud when Cuban launched his ?Apprentice-like” reality show ?The Benefactor.?

?There’s no chance of doing as well like ?The Apprentice,?? Donald said at the time. ??The Apprentice? is in a class by itself.?

Cuban?s show was cancelled after just six episodes but ?The Apprentice? will debut its sixth installment in January.

?I?m a ratings machine,? Donald has said.

Donald’s Past Public Duels

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