Downton Abbey Season 4 Preview: Sophie McShera On Daisy’s Continuing Love Troubles

Downstairs assistant cook Daisy is still swooning over a co-worker in “Downton Abbey” Season 4, which premieres January 5 on PBS’ Masterpiece.

“She’s still only got eyes for Alfred,” actress Sophie McShera, who plays the young kitchen worker, told Access Hollywood. “She won’t let it go. And it’s really clear that he’s not having any of it. But I feel like she thinks persistence will win out and it really won’t.”

Sophie said her character will use her skills to try and turn Alfred’s affections in her direction.

WATCH: Sophie McShera Dishes On ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4

“He’s really into cooking, so she tries to woo him by teaching him dishes,” Sophie said. “He just makes a souffle with Daisy and then tries to talk to Ivy.”

Kitchen maid Ivy is still in the picture and while Daisy seemed to turn a corner on how she feels about Ivy in Season 3, jealousy rears its ugly head again in Season 4.

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“They were being civil. They were being like frenemies, but now she hates Ivy again,” Sophie said. “She can’t suppress the burning jealousy and hatred for Ivy. Everyone fancies Ivy and Daisy’s livid.”

The new season of “Downton” takes place as the roaring ‘20s kick off in Britain and it brings new opportunities for the women of the household, according to Sophie.

“There’s a bit of everything, like the jazz thing. There’s a lot of women in this series going off doing things that they wouldn’t have been able to do before, like going for dinner with men in public — Lady Edith,” she explained. “[You’ll see] women getting to do things that are quite exciting and modern for 1920, but there’s lots of things happening in the world. There’s new technology and Mrs. Patmore’s not loving it. Daisy gets a new electric mixer, which Patmore thinks is like the devil’s work, but Daisy’s loving it and embracing technology.”

“Downton Abbey” premieres on PBS’ Masterpiece on January 5, 2014.

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