Eat & Get Fit Like The Stars Do! (Healthy Hollywood)

What do Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez have in common? Well, besides their huge bank accounts, killer bodies and star status – they are both big fans of Tracy Anderson’s food delivery program.

Tracy, who has sculpted the bodies of seemingly every female celebrity, is now in the food biz and she recently launched a meal delivery service that’s available nationwide.

“Everybody needs to understand that anytime I’m launching something, give me a minute. I would never launch something that I don’t believe is the highest quality of something that I can give people, because I’m really concerned with maintaining and being a trusted source,” reveals Tracy to Health Hollywood.

It’s her integrity that has made Tracy one of the most trusted fitness experts on the planet. Her meal program is held up to the same star-approved standards. Each meal is made with the healthy, clean ingredients (local and organic, whenever possible). The food is delivered right to your door offering five meals per day: breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert.

“I really cared that the food was sourced from really great places. I’m really on, we got to get rid of those hormones [in our food] and things need to be organic,” adds Tracy.

The biggest drawback is the price. It costs upwards of $50 per day, but Tracy promises you will lose weight – even the most stubborn pounds.

Also, Tracy doesn’t think people should diet 7 days a week; instead, people need a day or two to cheat.

“I urge people to pick five days that can be really good in row. So, opt for the five day food plan, and then on those two days off, eat something similar to the food plan meals for breakfast and lunch, and then go out and enjoy a nice dinner guilt-free. Just can’t have 3 big free meals.”

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