‘Eclipse’ Wolf Pack Vs. Vampires: Who Had It Harder On Set?

“Twilight Saga” Wolf Pack stars have to do more than just act on the set – they have to work out – a lot. But with a big fight brewing in “Eclipse” involving the vampire clan, is it harder to be a wolf or a blood sucker in the latest “Twilight” installment? Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson found out!

“We went to the gym. It was kind of the same thing we did with ‘New Moon,’” hunky wolf Alex Meraz, who plays Paul in the series, told Shaun on Saturday at the “Eclipse” junket. “We had a personal trainer and we just worked out.”

Alex said hitting the gym with his pack, including Taylor Lautner and Chaske Spencer, kept the stars feeling like a band of brothers.

“Like last time, it still helped to bond us even closer,” he said.

However, while the Wolf Pack had to sweat it out in the gym on a regular basis, they didn’t have to do their own stunts.

“Our big white cardboard cut outs did all the work for us,” “Twilight Saga” newcomer Julia Jones, who plays lone female Wolf Packer Leah Clearwater, said.

Instead, it was the vampire stars of the film that had to do their workouts on camera.

“There’s one point where… I think it was Peter [Facinelli] — he just ran like a marathon because they had to do a treadmill,” Chaske laughed.

”[There’s] a scene where they’re running through the forest and they had to actually run that, so all day he was running and running he must have dropped like, 5 pounds. All of [the actors who play vampires] had to do that and we were like strolling around with our robes on,” he continued, laughing, “Like the Brazillian soccer team!”

Not doing their own stunts (because they are transformed into wolves through CGI) was something their co-stars noticed.

“They’re back home in their apartment,” Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Cullen family matriarch Esmee, told Shaun of what the wolves did while the vamps shot their fight scenes.

“The wolves did a few push ups before their shirtless scene while the rest of us were in training camp, boot camp,” Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Cullen, added.

“Their 6 packs are CGI’d,” Cullen family patriarch Carlisle, AKA Peter Facinelli, suggested.

“Yeah! And by the way, you can spray tan abs on, I’m sure,” Nikki laughed. “I’m sure they found a way to do that you know. It’s 2010 – please!”

Peter said it was tough for the vamps on set because they had a serious amount of work to do beyond just learning their lines.

“They didn’t have to do we had to do — fight training for six weeks,” Peter insisted. “The werewolves did not have to do fight training.”

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