Elementary EP Robert Doherty Talks Season 1 Finale: Sherlock Is ‘Rocked’ By The Return Of Irene Adler

“Elementary” wraps up its first season this Thursday, and the revelation that his lone love — Irene Adler — is actually alive will send recovering addict Sherlock Holmes spiraling.

“In the world of our show it’s hard to find a bigger trigger than Irene, dead or alive. The fact that she has turned up alive has thrown Sherlock for a loop,” “Elementary” Executive Producer and Creator Robert Doherty replied when AccessHollywood.com posed a question on a conference call with reporters last Friday about the effects of Irene’s surprise return on Watson’s relationship with Sherlock.

“He’s been tricked. He’s been deceived. I think in Moriarty’s eyes you could say he bottomed out over nothing,” Doherty continued, referencing Sherlock’s nemesis, who appears to have been the one who texted the genius sleuth the address where Sherlock found Irene (played by “The Tudors” and “Game of Thrones” star Natalie Dormer) alive. “He spiraled out of control because he thought Irene was dead when in fact she was quite alive and being kept my Moriarty.

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“So at least, at the moment, the joke’s on Sherlock,” Doherty continued. “Joan has to be concerned about that. I think in addition to trying to help Sherlock situate Irene and help her recover from her ordeal, she also has to keep an eye on Sherlock and make sure he’s able to stay on the straight and narrow.”

Previews for the season finale showed Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock on a floor with a rubber tourniquet around his arm. Asked by Access what state we’ll find Sherlock in when the two-hour finale kicks off Thursday at 9 PM on CBS, Doherty said Sherlock is “rocked” by the return of Irene.

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“The way we’ve always looked at our Sherlock is his greatest weakness is the handful of personal connections he has, whether it’s to the handful of friends or colleagues or family that he is actually in touch with,” Doherty said. “On some level, I think he hates that he has a friend like Joan because she’s [a] vulnerability and that’s certainly what Irene was. So yes, I’d say we’re going to see a Sherlock who’s rocked coming into [Thursday’s] finale. He’s got a lot to try to wrap his head around.”

Another thing Sherlock will be dealing with is Moriarty. While Doherty dodged revealing the actor who will play the classic character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, he hinted at the difficulties in bringing Moriarty on board.

“It is no mean feat. That is for sure. Of course I can’t say much beyond that. But yes, never easy,” Doherty said in response to a reporter’s question about introducing the villain. “[Moriarty is] a vastly important and iconic character and certainly someone we’ve been building towards all season. So a lot of thought and time went into it.”

The EP said he “had some very specific thoughts” about what he wanted in a Moriarty and he would not confirm if the voice Sherlock and Lucy Liu’s Watson heard on the phone last week was really the character.

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“I know there was a lot of speculation in the show as to whether it was or was not the real Moriarty, so I’d rather — I’d love to sit on that little secret for just [a few more days],” he said.

“Elementary” wraps up its first season with a two-hour finale, kicking off Thursday at 9 PM on CBS.

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