Elisabeth Hasselbeck Breaks Her Silence

Tonight on Access Hollywood, “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks exclusively to Access’ Tim Vincent for the first time since her heated and personal on-air argument with Rosie O’Donnell.

The on-air showdown, which took place nearly a month ago (May 23, 2007), spurred O’Donnell’s early departure from the show and when asked if she would define O’Donnell as a friend now, Hasselbeck said, “You know, truthfully, I think a friend is someone who you have positive communications with, so I don’t know if I would define us as friends right now.”

Hasselbeck, 30, who joined “The View” in 2003 added, “I did define us as friends, but I’m not going to make the leap to assume that we will or will not be friends in the future.”

“We had so many conversations and a true friendship?If you looked at the big picture I always looked at us on the same team, even though our politics were so different.”

In response to a post by O’Donnell on her blog which said, “I never tried harder to be friends with someone?I don’t think we ended up there,” Hasselbeck told Vincent, “She sent me two emails right after that and I sent her one back. It was a really great email, so hearing these things after really surprises me.” The 5-month pregnant, “Survivor: The Australian Outback” contestant added, “I have kind of been on a blog-abstinence program because I never really read her blog to begin with. Only when someone would bring something to me, for example this, it would pique my interest.”

Hasselbeck, who is expecting her second child on November 11, 2007, also described her relationship with O’Donnell off-camera as “one of the closest relationships [she] had with anyone on the show” and went on to explain how she benefited from working with her saying, “We really did challenge each other, but I loved that. I found such meaning in this job because we were able to turn the lens on one another, as good friends should do.”

With two of the five co-host seats left to fill at “The View,” Hasselbeck also weighed in on her opinions of some recent guest co-hosts and potential candidates for the positions, but said the decision is out of her hands and “at the end of the day Barbara (Walters) and Bill Geddie are going to get together and figure out what’s best for this group.”

On Whoopi Goldberg: “I thought she did a great job when she was here. She has a very calming personality.”

On Sherri Shepherd: “I love Sherri Shepherd. I think she is such a good soul! I love to talk to her about being a mom, I think she’s funny, and I think she’s easy to talk to.”

On Kathy Griffin: “Funny, so funny. I think that she would actually bring that fire, that spark. She’s a bit of an instigator?She would instigate sharp discussions, so I think that would be a lot of fun as well.”

Hasselbeck and husband, Tim Hasselbeck, already have a two-year-old daughter together, Grace Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

“The View” took home two Daytime Emmy Awards last week for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup and Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling. “The View” airs on ABC and broadcasts live from New York City Monday through Friday at 11am E.T (check local listings).

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