Elton John Brings The Laughs On ‘Saturday Night Live’ As Tom Hanks, Carmelo Anthony & Jake Gyllenhaal Make Appearances

Elton John took over NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday night and judging by his performance – if there was ever any doubt – the bitch is back!

The star, who served as host and musical guest, opened the show as a Liberace-esque pianist on “The Lawrence Welk Show,” where Kristen Wiig popped out of Elton’s piano — with her gigantic forehead and child hands as Dooneese, before chasing Elton off the stage as she attempted to catch bubbles with her creepily tiny hands.

Next up was Elton’s monologue. Surprisingly self-deprecating and blunt, Elton tackled a couple of commonly asked questions about gay parenting, mocked his “diva” ways and past battles with drugs and alcohol, and admitted he’s currently a wee bit plump, as he “hasn’t lost the baby weight yet.”

Additionally, the legend told the audience that Lady Gaga is his son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John’s godmother. When the crowd erupted in laughter, Elton said he wasn’t kidding – Lady Gaga really is the child’s godmother.

The show was also ripe with high-profile guest stars, including Carmelo Anthony and Tom Hanks.

Tom joined Elton as Michael Caine – along with a few other male “SNL” cast members --as a group of “knights” who were attempting to save modern-day London from a fire-breathing dragon. Hilarity ensued as Tom gave his best halting, jilted Michael Caine impression, and Taran Killam (as Sir Ian McKellan in “Lord of the Rings”) answered every question in a mock Gandalf voice, complete with a white beard and wizard ensemble.

Tom, Carmelo and Elton also appeared with Andy Samberg and Bill Hader in a “Laser Cats” digital short.

“Source Code” star Jake Gyllenhaal also made an appearance on the show, stopping by during a new Weekend Update segment titled, “Get in the Cage,” where he chatted intensely with Nic Cage (played by Andy Samberg) about why Nic was not cast in “Source Code.”

“My question is, how am I not in that movie?” Andy (as Nic) asked. “It has both of the elements of a classic Nic Cage movie. One, it combines time travel with screaming. Two, I’m told the actors were paid.”

Andy’s “Nic” also informed Jake that he lacks the “key quality to being a film star” — “a hairline that’s constantly moving up and down your skull – almost as if each individual follicle is on a spring that reacts to anger.”

Elton later mocked his British roots by paying a visit to the Queen (Fred Armisen), where the monarch told him music choice’s for Princess Di’s funeral were boring, and that the only “Candle in the Wind” she’s ever seen is when she “lights her farts.”

Armisen then jumped on a drum set and jammed out to an energetic punk rock song. Elton grabbed a mic and sang while as Andy Samberg (as Prince William) jumped around the room.

Elton also fulfilled his duties as musical guest, performing “Monkey Suit” and “Hey Ahab” with Leon Russell.

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