Emma Roberts, Don Cheadle Talk To Access At ShoWest

It was an introduction eleven months in the making. Almost a year before Jennifer Hudson got her Oscar she was named ShoWest?s Female Star of Tomorrow.

Last night Access Hollywood?s Billy Bush and Nancy O?Dell were in Las Vegas to crown a new ShoWest Female Star of Tomorrow and maybe another future superstar, Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts was simply ?Emma-zing? as ShoWest?s Female Star of Tomorrow, but what?s even more ?Emma-zing?was the 16 year olds ride to Vegas.

?Did you fly on the Warner Bros. jet up here?? Billy asked Emma.

?Maybe I did,? she replied.

Emma did and she?s rolling full speed ahead. She is starring in this summer?s anticipated ?Nancy Drew.? Now back to that jet.

?What was a bigger deal — riding on the Warner Bros. jet as the star of their upcoming big franchise or your sweet sixteen bash,? Billy asked Emma.

?I don’t know. That’s tough,? Emma said. ?Both were fun but my sweet sixteen was really, really fun.?

Nancy and Billy spoke to all the stars of ShoWest, from Directors of the Year, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, to Female Star of the Year, Kirsten Dunst.

Kirsten is powerfully backed by this summer?s ?Spider-Man 3,? but why stop there?

?What?s the future? I mean why not do Spider-Man 4,? Billy asked Kirsten.

?If Sam does it then I’m there,? Dunst said. ?And, if Tobey wants to, I’m there.?

Billy Bush with Don Cheadle. For more snaps check out our gallery on the right, with pictures courtesy of www.Usnaps.com.

The highlight of Showest was a surprise appearance by Adam Sandler who introduced ?Reign Over Me? co-star Don Cheadle.

?How’s it going with Ocean’s Thirteen all the fellows getting back together now that there’s like tons of kids everywhere,? Billy asked Cheadle.

?It’s very messy, the fun is gone, uh, everybody’s a dad,? Cheadle laughed. ?You know, Matt and Brad are all serious now, it’s you know - no, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of fun.?

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