Emmys Fashion Blog: Purple Reign (August 28, 2006)

Purple….as in eggplant, plum and lavender….reigned the red carpet at the Emmys. I was right in the middle of all the action on the red carpet, so I got to check out the dresses up close - so cool because you can really see the detail that goes into these amazing gowns, something that never quite translates to TV or magazines. I escorted Sandra Oh down the red carpet to do an interview on our platform and loved her frothy lavender Vera Wang gown, which she accessorized with Loree Rodkin jewelry. There’s a debate here at the office about her jewelry and if it was too much for such a delicate gown. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I liked what she was going for, because it was kind of daring and wasn’t your typical “award show bling.”

Jaime Pressly worked an eggplant hued lace Badgely Mischka, which was sewn in Italy and beaded in India. Evangeline Lilly- amazing- so classy in purple Versace. This dress was apparently love at first sight for her. She told us: “When I put it on and it felt like pajamas and it looked like a million bucks, I knew it was the one.”

Some other fashion highlights? Katherine Heigl really kicked it up a notch - channeling old Hollywood glamour in her chiffon Escada- she had a little Charlize Theron thing going. There were a couple of times we had to do a double take!

Heidi Klum - radiant in red Michael Kors and Tyra in a $55 thousand dollar black lace gown- both were within inches of me- I never felt shorter- or more plain Jane looking in my life! It can be tough on the ego to be next to these gorgeous women, who have entire glam squads to make them look beautiful. Us regular folks are on our feet for 12 hours in the scorching sun with some very unglamorous accessories like headsets, cell phones, blackberries, walkie talkies, pens, research, and a million other things - so practical usually wins out over pretty.

What WAS fun though, for a card carrying fashionista like myself- getting to work with two people who have a real knowledge, and yes, passion for fashion. “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn and “What Not To Wear’s” Stacy London (pictured above with Ryan) both worked their style expertise on the red carpet and the entire AH staff loved having them on our team. Tim Gunn- what a nice guy! So appreciative of all his success- because- as he told me- “It could all go away just as quickly as it came.” He hung with the crew from first call until the very end….a trooper who posed for endless photos with the Access Staff, and worked long hours in what felt like 100 plus degree temperatures. We love the big “Gunn” around here .

For the second year, Stacy London handed out our annual Access Hollywood Best Dressed Awards on the red carpet. She is so fun! She came in the Access Offices and we had the best time laughing and joking and yes, talking about fashion. Style, Stars, Red carpet action…..all wrapped up in one night. Sometimes I sit here and think…..I get paid for this?

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