Emotional Elimination Night As Contender Spars With Simon Cowell On ‘The X Factor’

One contender nearly took the vote out of the judges’ hands on Thursday’s “The X Factor,” when, after being placed in the bottom 2, the artist nearly didn’t perform for the panel’s saving vote.

(SPOILER: This story contains the results of Thursday’s “X Factor” elimination).

Astro and Stacy Francis were the contenders left to battle it out for a spot on next week’s show, but while Stacy got on with singing her song – “Amazing Grace” – in hopes of carrying on, when it came to the 14-year-old rapper, he was hurt by landing in the bottom 2 and threw his hands up to performing.

“I really don’t want to perform. I feel like it’s unnecessary, but I’m gonna leave it up to — (turns to L.A. Reid), you’re my mentor. Do you think I should perform?” Astro asked.

“You’ve come a long, long way,” L.A. said.

Astro then asked the crowd too if he should rap a final number, which drew cheers, and so the high-schooler did, spitting out rhymes over the Jackson 5 classic, “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Astro’s self-penned lyrics referenced his time in the competition and he spit out kind words about each of the judges, but he seemed to lose some of his focus during the chorus. By contrast, Stacy’s version of “Amazing Grace” was full of intonation issues.

When it came time for the judges’ vote, L.A. and Paula Abdul voted to eliminate Stacy, while Nicole Scherzinger voted to boot Astro, leaving, once again, the final verdict to Simon Cowell, a decision that led to another emotional moment when the Brit chastised the young man in front of a boisterous audience.

“I don’t like your attitude right now, so just do me a favor, stop folding your arms, look at me and think about your mum watching this show, because you are showing disrespect to your mum, you’re showing disrespect to the audience at home,” Simon said.

Astro tried to keep up his attitude, but as the two spoke, Astro seemed to reveal how hurt he was by having to rap for his place in next week’s competition.

“No disrespect to you or this show, but I just feel like, if you’re gonna put me in the bottom 2, I don’t want to perform for people who don’t want me here,” Astro said, calling the judge a respectful, “sir” when he addressed him.

It was at that point that the crowd began booing loudly at the young man, and show host, Steve Jones, in a brotherly way, quickly put his arm around Astro and whispered something in his ear.

“Part of doing this is being a grownup,” Simon said. “Astro, if you’re in this position again, are you gonna take the same attitude where you’re not gonna come out and sing?”

“I apologize,” Astro said, his tough shell fading as he wiped a tear off his cheek.

Simon then cast the deciding vote sending Stacy home.

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“I had an amazing journey,” Stacy said. “I wasn’t always happy with my song choices, I don’t believe that I did great last night. I go with that and I have to suck up my pride and take responsibility for the performance that I gave. This journey has been really great and honestly, I can’t believe I’m going home, but somebody has to go home. I just want to thank Simon Cowell for giving me a chance because I’m 42 years old and he allowed me to sing for the world week to week.”

“The X Factor” returns on Wednesday on FOX at 8/7C.

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