Eoin Macken & Jill Flint Clock In For ‘The Night Shift’

“The Night Shift” is NBC’s newest medical drama.

Set at the fictional San Antonio Memorial, the series follows the lives of a devoted medical staff, who work the shift before dawn.

“I think in general stuff that happens at nighttime is slightly more chaotic and crazy than [what] happens in the daytime anyway and I think when you kind of bring it into a hospital, that’s where all the crazy stuff happens,” series star Eoin Macken told Access Hollywood of his new show. “Everything is heightened at nighttime.”

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Adding to the heartbeat of the drama is the military experience of several characters in the series, including Eoin’s TC, and Ken Leung’s Topher, who served as doctors and nurses in places like Afghanistan, through several tours. And, as Eoin explained, their characters’ combat experience plays heavily into how they deal with crises on the show.

“People being Army medics coming back from war have a very different kind of idea of what life is about and I think for TC and for Ken Leung’s character, as well – Topher — they’ve seen what happens first hand when people die or [are] killed on the battlefield and they have a different way of trying to kind of save lives, because they go, ‘Right, this is what we can do,’” Eoin explained.

WATCH: Eoin Macken & Jill Flint Take ‘The Night Shift’

But, the guidelines of the hospital conflict with how the boys handle cases.

“You can’t do certain things because that’s not the way you’re supposed to do it, but TC and Topher look at it like, ‘We just gotta save people,’” Eoin said.

Jill Flint (“The Good Wife”) finds herself in a balancing act as Dr. Jordan Alexander, who wins the role of night shift supervisor, forcing her to supervise the work of TC, her ex-boyfriend.

“I start off begging for the job, actually. And that must have been the most insane decision she’s ever made, but she really thinks she can make a difference, so she does it,” Jill said of her character.

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And managing her ex won’t be easy for Jordan, especially when he pulls risky medical maneuvers that raise the ire of the newest senior management at the hospital — Michael Ragosa, played by “Six Feet Under” alum Freddy Rodriguez.

“TC’s quite troubled as a character,” Eoin said. “What he does is he kind of pours all that into trying to save people and he does it how he sees it and I think he pours all of his kind of angst into every single patient that he works with. That becomes more important than anything else to him because that is almost reflective of his own life and he has to save these people. So Jordan tries to kind of almost temper some of that craziness.”

“What she’s trying to do is to keep him from self-destructing, that’s her thing,” Jill explained of how Jordan approaches things. “There’s a loaded history between the two of them and she doesn’t want the guy to go off the deep end.”

“The Night Shift” airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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