Eva Green: ‘It’s Nice To Be Bonkers’ In ‘300: Rise’

As Artemisia, Eva Green takes her revenge against the Greeks in “300: Rise of An Empire,” which opens in theaters on Friday.

And the actress explained to Access Hollywood why she wanted to take on another villainess.

“Because maybe they’re so far away from me and there is something kind of liberating,” the French beauty told Access. “You can be so naughty and, just, I don’t know, I mean, yeah, it’s nice to be bonkers, and you know when it’s not you, so [you get to] let it all out.”

It was executive producers Zack and Debbie Snyder who convinced Eva to take the role of the woman who leads Xerxes’ army against Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) and his Greek poets and farmers (with six-packs).

“Zack was very open and I loved talking to him. He was like, ‘She’s a cool Samurai warrior woman. … We believe in you,’ and all that sort of [stuff] and you can’t say no, really. [She’s] such a cool badass, so, here I am,” Eva explained.

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Much has already been made about a not-very-romantic interlude between Themistokles and Artemisia — and Eva explained what the scene is all about.

“It’s more like a fight scene,” Eva told Access.

“It’s two warriors having sex, so it’s not very gentle, it’s umm… you know, we kind of hit each other,” she said.

Although the first franchise was all about those brave male Spartans, Eva’s Artemisia is a female force to be reckoned with in the sequel.

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“You don’t expect that from ‘300,’” she said of seeing a woman as a Persian general. “I think women are gonna be into it and they’re gonna have fun. And Artemisia, she’s evil, but there’s like kind of a tiny bit of humanity because of her backstory and the fact that she was tortured as a child. She’s not just like [a] one dimensional killing machine.”

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