Eva Longoria’s Wedding Bootcamp Workout

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (June 27, 2007) — Yesterday, Eva was mobbed as she left her latest pre-wedding hair appointment. Eva was equipped to handle it though. She’s been working out to look picture perfect in her wedding dress for her 7.7.07 nuptials to basketball star Tony Parker.

Longoria sculpted the body she wanted with her trainer Patrick Murphy and his wedding work out.

“She wants to look strong. She wants her posture to be really nice,” Murphy tells Access. “She wants her arms to look great.”

Murphy showed Access some of the very rigorous full body toning he designed for Eva at LA’s Push Private Fitness!


For the optimum fat burning effect, Eva does super sets. That’s doing an exercise 15-20 times followed by another similar exercise without rest.


Shaun steps up and rotates the medicine ball to the side.


“You’re going to squat down and come up and do a calf raise,” Murphy says.

Eva’s step up knee up rotation routine uses a weight ball.

“Step up, knee up and rotate,” Murphy says. “Quick! Speed up.”

Lateral side steps with a resistance band especially works the glutes (the butt) which is Eva’s favorite body party to train.

“I can feel this,” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson sighs.


“Alright, for abs, one of Eva’s favorites is the opposites meet,” he says.

Eva does chest presses with weights on a balance ball.


Eva despises doing the one arm row, but she does it to get a beautiful back!


Backside lifts benefit the hamstrings.

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