Eva Longoria’s Wedding Bootcamp Workout Routine

courtesy of trainer Patrick Murphy, www.murphyfitness.net

5-10 minute warm-up @ 65-75% of maximum heart rate on elliptical machine.

Dynamic Stretching and Active stretching if needed.

As a trainer I always look for good posture and alignment, making sure the glutes and core muscles are always activated, keeping Eva's ears aligned with her shoulders and hips, and her feet and knees straight ahead.

All exercises are 15-20 reps.

There is no rest between exercises in the superset (exercise 1 & 2).

There is a 30-45 sec. rest between the actual supersets.

Good for Full Body
1. Squats on Bosu dome with a shoulder press using the 5lb dumbbells
2. Jump squats with 8lb medicine ball

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Full Body
1. Walking Lunges with a 12lb bar overhead
2. Alternating lunges in one place with 8lb dumbbells

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Shoulders, Chest and Core
1. Balance ball chest presses using 10lb dumbbells
2. Pike pushup combo with balance ball (body weight)

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Legs, Back and Core
1. Squats with cable low rows
2. Standing bent over rows with 10lb dumbbells.

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Glutes and Stabilizers
1. Side steps with rubber band resistance
2. Lateral ice skater jumps

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Triceps, core and stabilizers
1. Balance ball skull crushers with 15lb medicine ball
2. Standing tricep extension on cables

30-45 sec. rest

Good for biceps, core, and stabilizers
1. Standing on Bosu dome, 8lb dumbbell hammer curls
2. Kneeling on Bosu dome, traditional dumbbell bicep curls

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Abs/Core
1. Balance ball crunches with 5lb medicine ball throw
2. Bicycles

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Core
1. Cable rotations
2. 8lb medicine ball wood chops

30-45 sec. rest

Good for Postural Muscles
1. Balance ball cobras
2. Superman

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