Fifteen TV Aliens Who Are Out Of This World

15. Diana, “V” mini-series
As Diana, leader of The Visitors, Jane Badler was the original alien temptress in the ‘80s miniseries “V.” Badler was both seductive and cruel and her memorable guinea pig-eating scene is still pretty shocking. This alien despot could definitely give Darth Vader a run for his money.

14. Evie Garland, “Out of this World”
The only teenage alien, who on her 13th birthday discovers her father is an alien, and therefore learns that she too is endowed with superhuman powers. “Out of this World” follows Evie throughout her teenage years as she learns to use her alien abilities, from freezing time to withstanding high temperatures.

13. George Francisco, “Alien Nation”
The “newcomer” detective, George Francisco, is partnered, with the less than thrilled, Detective Matthew Sikes, on the short run show loosely based on the movie, “Alien Nation.” George illustrates the discrimination of minorities in many episodes; in fact, George becomes pregnant in the series and depicts the struggles and behavioral habits of humans.

12. Kang & Kodos from Rigel VII, “The Simpsons”
Starting in season two of “The Simpsons,” Kang and Kodos have appeared in all of the “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episodes plotting galactic conquest and subsequently having their plans foiled to their great dismay. All of this happening, despite their astounding intellect.

11. The Coneheads, “Saturday Night Live”
Still to this day one of the funniest sketches to ever come out of “Saturday Night Live,” Dan Aykroyd , Jane Curtin (yes, again!) and Laraine Newman regularly appeared in the ‘70s as the Coneheads, an alien family, natives of the planet Remulak, who found themselves stranded on Earth and took up residence in the suburbs.

10. The Great Gazoo, “The Flintstones”
The green, floating alien from the planet Zatox was exiled to Earth after inventing a doomsday machine. Gazoo, voiced by the late, great Harvey Korman, always tried to help “dumb dumbs” Fred and Barney, often causing them more trouble than good.

9. Max Evans, “Roswell”
The alien/human hybrid clone on the television show “Roswell,” goes from being the King of the planet Antarr to living in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, after being sent to earth to hide from his enemies. Although Liz discovers his identity in the first episode he must conceal his identity while searching for answers about his own race.

8. Uncle Martin, “My Favorite Martian”
In the ‘60s TV classic “My Favorite Martian,” Ray Walston was the stranded Martian taken in by newspaper reporter Tim O’Hara (Bill Bixby). With his retractable antennae and strange powers, Uncle Martin would lead the hapless Tim on countless hilarious adventures.

7. Mork from Ork, “Mork and Mindy”
Robin Williams got his big break playing the loveable Mork from Ork who arrived in an egg shaped space craft to observe human behavior (and his cute roommate Mindy) on this late ‘70s ABC sitcom.

6. Marvin the Martian
Marvin the Martian may seem soft-spoken, but he consistently causes Bugs Bunny a lot of trouble with his destructive schemes to pulverize Earth in the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. Luckily for Earthlings, Bugs Bunny gets the best of this quiet yet sinister alien invader.

5. “Doctor Who”
Since 1963, the mysterious Time Lord known only as The Doctor has traveled time and space in his TARDIS saving the universe. Ten different actors have played the character over the years, including Tom Baker, Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant. Next year, actor Matt Smith will be the 11th actor to play The Doctor.

4. Roger, “American Dad”
The self-centered and sarcastic “American Dad” space alien (who sounds suspiciously like Paul Lynde) who came to live with Stan Smith and his family after he saved Stan’s life in Area 51. He regularly dresses up in wigs to disguise his alien form and hang out with the family outside of the house.

3. The Cast of “3rd Rock From The Sun”
In this Emmy winning ‘90s NBC sitcom, a group of aliens come to Earth and pose as a family in order to learn about human culture. Their high commander, Dick, takes the position of a college professor, their military expert, Sally, poses as his sister, their intelligence expert, Harry, as his brother and Tommy, the communications officer, takes the form of his teenage son. Co-starred John Lithgow, Jane Curtain, Kirstin Johnston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

2. Alf, “Alf”
The Tanner family was never the same when Gordon Shumway, aka ALF (short for Alien Life Form), from the planet Melmac crash-landed in their suburban California garage in this ‘80s NBC sitcom.

1. Mr. Spock, “Star Trek”
Mr. Spock the loyal officer of Captain Kirk aboard the USS Enterprise for over 11 years, was originally, and best) portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in the original “Star Trek” series. As the son of a Vulcan ambassador and a human, Spock provides an outsider’s perspective on mankind, and is the captain’s logic advisor. However, what Spock is best known for are both his pointy ears and his famous split-finger “Live long and prosper” salute.

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