Fountain Of Youth: Elle Macpherson On Maintaining 'The Body'

Elle Macpherson is 45 and she still looks smoking hot in a bikini.

Access Hollywood’s Fountain of Youth series was made for a star like Elle, who revealed to Billy Bush her secrets of to looking young and the truth behind the rumor of her dating a 21-year-old.

“You are one of our top five women in the world that we find just doesn't age, [and] remains incredibly sexy and beautiful. How do you do it?” Billy asked the supermodel.

“Now I am embarrassed,” a blushing Elle replied.

No doubt about it, the statuesque stunner is still a rocking beauty.

“Do you know what? I got mom’s and dad’s genes I guess,” Elle explained.

So how else does she keep looking so hot?

“Do you do meditation? Do you do yoga?” Billy asked Elle.

“Yeah, I do. I meditate and I do yoga, but then I surf and ski and sport is a big part of my life. I am Australian and that is a big part of my culture,” she said.

Add to that daily installments of swimming, Pilates or a six-mile run.

Elle began modeling at age 18 and at 6-feet tall, she’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated five times! Three times in a row!

“You are known as ‘The body,’” Billy stated.

“Yeah I know! Isn't it insane,” Elle answered. “What an insane thing to be known as.”

Elle created an entire business around her “Body” title, including her new line of lingerie – Elle Macpherson Intimates.

“I took something that could be perceived as being really negative and turned it into something that was valuable to me — financially valuable,” Elle explained. “It allows me to be creative and express myself.”

And while Elle loves being called “The Body,” there’s one title she prefers much more.

“I think mommy is the best thing I could be called,” Elle told Billy. “I have two sons – 10 and five, so mom is a pretty, pretty important part of my character.”

And as for those rumors she is dating a 21-year-old – Oscar-nominated director Julian Schnabel’s son, Vito — Elle set the record straight.

“No, I am not. Sorry,” she revealed. “I never talk about my personal life but in this particular case, because he is nearly underage, I have to deny it because there is nothing else to do except deny it.”

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