Fountain Of Youth: Vanessa Williams On Aging & Botox

On "Ugly Betty," Vanessa Williams stars as fashion mover and shaker, Wilhelmina Slater. She’s the perfect star for the role of the gorgeous and sophisticated magazine editrix.

At almost 45, the actress got candid about her beauty rituals and aging on her own terms, when Access Hollywood named her one of our top five Fountain of Youth stars.

"Was there a time when you said ‘Oh! Another birthday?’" Shaun Robinson asked.

"Well, I am about to hit 45 next month and of course you say ‘45 – five to 50,’" Vanessa said.

"Have you ever lied about your age?" Shaun asked?

"No, because it’s public record. I mean, I became famous at 20 so there is no… Why should I lie?" Vanessa said.

At 20, Vanessa was the first African American crowned Miss America. Though stripped of her crown after nude photos surfaced, Vanessa rose above the scandal and achieved success in Hollywood.

Now, over 20 years later, she’s in her prime. Emmy nominated for her role on "Ugly Betty," Vanessa is as gorgeous as ever!

One way she keeps her amazing physique toned is through yoga.

"You talk a lot about yoga and how that has helped you. Does it center you in this crazy business that you are in?" Shaun asked.

"Yeah, yoga is a nice escape even though it's a lot of hard work and you end up sweating a lot," she said.

Access Hollywood joined Vanessa as she had a private session with yoga instructor Darin Candler.

Vanessa exercises everyday. She also has a personal trainer, but she admits she still sees flaws.

"There are certain areas that I have to camouflage," Vanessa said. "I haven't had a tummy tuck yet so I have skin because I have been pregnant four times. On the red carpet I've always got my Spanks from under-bust to mid-thigh."

Now that’s uncommon honesty in Hollywood!

Slenderizing undergarments aside, Vanessa believes in another kind of help. She is just as candid when she admits to using Botox.

"When did you say, ‘I want to get a shot?’" Shaun asked.

"At 40," Vanessa revealed. "It was kind of one of those let me try it [things]. I do it sporadically. I do it when I want to feel refreshed and I certainly don't do it to the point where I can't — I mean my livelihood is acting.

"If I can't move my face, if I have no expression, especially for the character Wilhelmina Slater, I would have no job if I couldn't, you know, scowl and raise my eyebrow," Vanessa continued.

"Do you think you will ever look in the mirror and say time for a whole lift?" Shaun asked.

"I hope by the time I need a face lift, they will have some kind of magic tape you can put and it will dissolve, no cutting, no recovery," she said.

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