Fox’s Sleepy Hollow: Episode 2 Recap – ‘Blood Moon’

Apparently, there is much more that goes into stopping the apocalypse than just battling a Headless Horseman in “Sleepy Hollow.”

Here’s what happened on Fox’s new fall hit in Episode 2, “Blood Moon.”

The Woods, Location Unknown: There’s a screeching of horses as Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) dives through the forest, his wife Katrina (Katia Winter) calling his name. He runs and jumps over branches, the Headless Horseman and the other three riders of the apocalypse in hot pursuit. A root grabs Ichabod’s leg, wraps around his body and drags him underground. Katrina is there… with a warning. Before the apocalypse can be unleashed, “an army of evil will make way for their arrival,” she tells him. “The first dark spirit arises with the blood moon. She’s one of us. You must stop her before she kills again.”

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Motel Room, Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod wakes up, shirtless, in just his small clothes. Inspired by Katrina’s warning, he tries to leave his accommodation, but a cop tells him he cannot until Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) arrives.

Sheriff’s Station, Sleepy Hollow: Abbie and Capt. Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) discuss Sheriff Corbin’s (Clancy Brown) death at the hands (well, axe) of the Horseman. Turns out the other two officers who saw the Horseman have “recanted” their stories,” Irving reveals. And, Andy Dunn’s (John Cho) death in custody last week? There’s a video for that. He ran into the mirror and broke his own neck — backwards. Irving admits something is going on, and while he’s away in Albany to secure some “resources,” he’s leaving Abbie with some “latitude” to figure it out. “Don’t embarrass me,” he adds.

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Motel Room, Sleepy Hollow: Angry over being unable to leave without her accompaniment, Ichabod refuses the just arrived Abbie’s offer of some donut holes. He cuts to the chase, and tells her about Katrina’s warning in the “vision.”

Morgue, Sleepy Hollow: A corpse bag begins to move. A hand breaks through the body bag, clawing its way out. It’s Andy! He’s alive-ish, and his head is put back on straight. He encounters the demon and then vomits up a medallion. The demon speaks to him in a demonic tongue. “Release who?” Andy replies.

Sheriff’s Station, Sleepy Hollow: Dunn gets into an official Sheriff’s vehicle and drives it away.

Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow: Abbie attends Sheriff Corbin’s funeral. Ichabod is in the cemetery too, looking at his wife’s grave when he makes a revelation — “she is one of us” means a witch is coming.

Night falls, and Dunn enters the cemetery, placing the medallion on a grave. It begins to smoke, then there’s fire, followed by a corpse that is now alive. He gives it a message, “The ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection. Take their flesh and you will reclaim yours.”

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The Woods, Sleepy Hollow: Dunn pulls over a driver and gets his name — Jeremy Steven Firth. “Jeremy, wherever this road takes you, and it won’t be far, I want you to know it wasn’t personal,” he tells the driver. Dunn walks away. The man’s car wont’ start. The corpse appears in the road, then on the hood of his car. It bursts into flames, leaving him Jeremy an ash corpse.

It’s morning and Ichabod and Abbie arrive on the scene. Ichabod picks up on the way the body has been left. Back in his war days there were a strange series of murders where the bodies were also turned to ash. A dark coven was responsible. It was headed up by a high priestess — Cerilda of Abaddon. Sheriff Corbin had files on two covens — one good, one evil. They set off to find them.

Sheriff’s Station, Sleepy Hollow: While Abbie heads off to find out where Corbin’s files have been moved, Ichabod meets Abbie’s ex — an Iraq veteran named Luke, who rubs Ichabod the wrong way. “He’s my ex. We weren’t betrothed. There was no betrothing,” Abbie explains, before telling Ichabod Corbin’s files have been moved to archives in The Armory, which she doesn’t’ have access too. Ichabod knows of a secret passage.

The Armory, Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod breaks through a wall underneath the streets of Sleepy Hollow to reveal a tunnel to The Armory. As they head through it, Ichabod tells Abbie that down one of the passages is where the bones of convicted witches were placed to deny them a proper burial. Before they get to The Armory, he comes across his old Revolutionary War gunpowder boxes. They agree not to touch them, before heading to The Armory to scan through Corbin’s files.

Bedford Street, Sleepy Hollow: Two young boys are kicking a ball into… Dunn. “Careful, kid. Imagine how your mom and dad would feel if you got run over,” he says. “My dad’s dead,” the youngster replies. Dunn asks his name. It’s Kyle Hemington. “It’s a nice name. I am sorry it had to be yours,” Dunn says.

The Armory, Sleepy Hollow: It was the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart who made Cerilda vulnerable to a mortal attack. She was hunted down and burned, the book in The Armory reveals. Her last words before burning at the stake were a warning: “By the turn of the blood moon, your ashes will be mine. Your flesh will be my flesh. I will live again.” The magistrate who condemned her was named Robert Daniel Firth, the same last name as the car victim. “She requires the ashes of his descendants to return to life,” Ichabod realizes. They go off to find who she’s after next.

Bedford Street, Sleepy Hollow: Kyle can’t sleep. Heading downstairs he finds the front door open and the witch corpse of Cerilda in his house! Believing Kyle is a Firth descendant (a female Firth married into the Hemingtons) Abbie and Crane break in his home. Kyle is saved. He didn’t need to be. He is adopted, but the ashes of his late father, maternally a Firth, are gone. Time to find Cerilda’s bones before she can transform.

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The Tunnels, Under Sleepy Hollow: With a little help from Dunn, Cerilda has found her bones. She performs a spell as Abbie and Crane hit the tunnels to find her. Armed with a gun Abbie gave him, Ichabod finds her. He shoots. The witch catches the bullet and it crumbles. “You carry her stench in your heart — the one who bound my powers, Katrina. She’s held captive in the world between worlds. Her fate is sealed. Now so is yours,” Cerilda says in another tongue. Abbie and Crane run — Crane, without the gun. He thought it was empty because guns in his time held one bullet (Abbie picks it up and scolds him.)

Cerilda chases them through the tunnels. She perches on the dynamite to look for them and Ichabod tosses his torch. It goes out! What now? But wait! It ignites and Cerilda is toast!

Sheriff’s Station, Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod ponders the “world between worlds” Cerilda described and whether he can save his beloved wife. Abbie tells him she longs for things to go back to the way they were. “I’m afraid neither of us can, but I do take comfort that this strange road we find ourselves on can only be traveled together. I think we can both use some morning cheer. Coffee?” he asks.

While Ichabod is brewing, Abbie walks into Corbin’s old office — her mentor is there! “I’m dreaming, right?” she asks him. “What difference does that make. I’m here right now, aren’t I? With you?” he replies.

Before he disappears, he tells her, “Don’t be afraid of No. 49. That’s where you’ll find you’re not alone.”

Room 49, City Unknown: An athletic young woman is doing pushups. It’s Jenny Mills, Abbie’s sister. “Seen any more monsters lately, Jenny?” a nurse says as she hands Jenny her evening medication. “No Ma’am, not since I’ve been taking these,” Jenny replies. She pretends to swallow the pill. She spits it out and crushes it after the nurse leaves and then continues training. There’s a sound behind her. In a flash, the ram-horned demon she saw as a youth appears and disappears.

“Sleepy Hollow” continues Monday nights at 9/8c on Fox.

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