Fran Drescher Never Questioned Gay Ex-Husband’s Sexuality During Marriage: ‘Metrosexual Was Very En Vogue’

Fran Drescher is basing her new TV Land primetime show, “Happily Divorced,” on her life, but the idea wasn’t her own.

“When TV Land approached me to give them ideas of shows I may want to write and produce, this was not [one of them]. And the first question that they asked me was, ‘Well, what would be a show that you might want to star in?’ and I said, ‘Oh, well that’s easy because it would have to be about my relationship with my gay ex-husband,’” Fran told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Wednesday of how “Happily Divorced” came about.

The show focuses on a fictional version of Fran – a florist – who starts dating again after splitting with her husband of 18 years, after finding out he is gay.

“Happily Divorced” is very similar to her own life and Fran, who was joined by ex-husband and her “Happily Divorced” co-producer Peter Marc Jacobson, during the interview, said while married to Peter, her husband’s sexual orientation did not come up.

“The metrosexual was very en vogue when we were married, so that was a little confusing ‘cause I thought he is very into my appearance and his appearance, but that is, that kind of teetered on being metrosexual,” she said.

It was Fran who actually ended her relationship with Peter, before he even realized he was gay.

“He was very upset at me for leaving him. He did not want the marriage to end,” she said of the split.

It was that move that led Peter to eventually figuring out he was gay.

“He went into therapy because the marriage ended and that’s when he started to get in touch with his true orientation,” she said.

For those surprised that it took so long for Peter to realize he is gay, the producer said he did visit therapists earlier in his life, but they always allayed his sexual orientation suspicions.

“There was no choice. I always knew that I had an attraction to guys, but I saw a bunch of therapists and they all said, ‘You’re not gay,’” he said.

“Happily Divorced” airs at 10:30 PM on TV Land.

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