Fresh From Vacation Rosie Strikes Back!

NEW YORK (January 8, 2007) — After an entire week of getting slammed in the press by Donald Trump while she was on vacation, Rosie O?Donnell returned to ?The View? swinging.?I?m still standing ladies and gentlemen,? she said after walking in to a rapturous cheer from the show?s studio audience. ?Here?s my official comment,? she added, shrugging with her face.?This is gonna be good for my stand up act,? she continued, responding to Trump who laid in to Rosie on no less than three national television shows last week. ?Boy, did I hit a nerve with that guy. It was like Mount Vesuvius.??The guy, he?s obsessed with me obviously. He?s obsessed. It?s just the way I look he can?t resist,? she added.As ?The View?s? morning discussion continued, Rosie commented on Trump?s branding of her as ?fat.? She added her seven-year-old son heard Trump?s words on the radio and was concerned.?I love when people say you?re fat, like you don?t know, it?s always the first comment off someone who disagrees with you if you happen to be on the plus side — ?You?re fat!? I?m like yeah? It?s ok.? ?It?s the last bastion of a coward,? fellow ?The View? co-host Joy Behar added. ?They know where to get you.?In fact, more than Rosie?s son have expressed concern over Trump branding the talk show host as ?fat.? She said many plus sized women came up to her while she was on vacation expressing concern over the situation. ?He wounded millions of women by saying I was fat,? Rosie noted. Though it is not known if Trump plans on continuing to speak out against ?The View? star, she indicated she is finished speaking about him. ?Here?s what we say. We?re gonna have an ixnay on the dump truck. [He?s] like Lord Voldemort,? she said referring to the villain from Harry Potter. ?He who cannot be spoken.?Earlier, Barbara Walters also attempted to lay her own matters with Trump to rest stating that The Donald?s claims that Walters had spoken ill of Rosie in private were untrue.

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