FROM THE NEWS DESK: A Major Development (March 14, 2007)

TALKING TO PROSECUTORS: Miami Herald reporting what could be a huge development into the investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The paper says Seminole police have met with homicide prosecutors in the state attorney’s office to discuss the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The Herald also says “officials confirmed the meeting, held Tuesday, but would say nothing more about the nature of their discussions. In addition, the commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is now in South Florida, meeting with the Seminoles on Smith’s death, authorities said today.” It was just last week that Seminole (Florida) police told Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper that they had two new pieces of important evidence to share with him. And that info apparently is what held up release of the official announcement on the cause of her death.

TROPICAL STORM: Here’s the strangest rumor we’ve heard yet from the Anna Nicole Smith Drama; that the body of her son Daniel may not be in the coffin he was reported buried in at all. Why? The reasoning is that the authorities need his body in order to further investigate Anna Nicole’s son’s death. As you know there’s a hearing coming up on that starting March 26th. It will be interesting.

Meanwhile, our man Tony Potts is leaving Las Vegas tonight, headed down for the Bahamas for Friday’s paternity hearing about little Dannielynn Smith. As with all legal matters in the Islands, this one strictly closed to media but Tony has sources. Larry Birkhead’s side trying to get a sample of the baby’s DNA in the on-going effort to determine who the real father is. An L.A. judge expected to force the issue in a couple of weeks when he is likely to order that Howard K. Stern give up his own DNA.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Congrats to Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on the birth yesterday, of their new baby boy. He’s the First Heir to Late TV Mogul Aaron Spelling. And the birth came just in time to help focus attention on Tori and Dean as they promote their new reality series. And brother Randy Spelling gave us the baby news plus some insight into the Tori-Candi reconciliation. Did I mention that he’s out promoting a new reality show too?

REVEREND LOHAN: Michael Lohan (yes, that Michael Lohan) got out of prison early and we spotted him celebrating at the Long Island home of a friend. He earned an early release, with no help from his famous daughter Lindsay or his ex-wife Dina, from whom he had an ugly split. And now he is a Changed Man. He’s become a Man of God, working for the Teen Challenge Ministry. Among other things, the group’s website says “Instead of ?dope? pushers, Teen Challenge ministries are serving as ?hope? pushers.” They’ve gone to the right guy. Meanwhile Michael told us he wants a chance to show Lindsay that he can be the kind of father that she wants him to be.

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