FROM THE NEWS DESK: Another Anna Delay

MYSTERIOUS DELAY: Word from South Florida this morning that we won’t know the cause of Anna Nicole Smith’s death for two weeks set off a flurry of phone calls, e-mails and questions, but very few answers. Originally the Toxicology and Autopsy reports were expected as early as today. Apparently the Seminole Police Department has come up with some fresh info in their investigation into her death, and they’ve told Dr. Joshua Perper to hold off a little longer. Could be nothing, could be a lot. There are also rumors that Federal agencies may be involved in a separate though related investigation. The FBI did tell us today they have no such investigation.

COPS WANT ANSWERS: And now we’re told that, in a new interview with police yesterday, Howard Stern’s former advocate (and Anna Nicole’s bodyguard) Moe now claims Stern’s movements the day of Anna’s death were suspicious and “out of character.” And he says, in the months leading up to Anna’s death, Stern supplied her with prescription drugs.

DON’T ANSWER, IT’S HOWARD: Access Hollywood is reporting today that Howard K. Stern has been calling his ex-rival Larry Birkhead (and calling and calling and calling), apparently trying to work out some kind of deal regarding Dannielynn. Birkhead tells us he’s having none of it.

NO, SERIOUSLY, SHE’S NOT DEAD: We also hit the phones and websites this morning upon hearing the rumor that Winona Ryder had died. Her people got back to us quickly with a denial. Similar story yesterday, only about country/gospel singer Amy Grant. She’s not dead either. Remember, we check these things out, so you can spend all your time on youtube.

SO WHAT, SHE’S JUST PARIS: Paris Hilton has been caught on tape using the “N” word, the “F” word (the one about gay people, and the other one too), the “C” word. She’s racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic, at least in her language. But Nobody (in the media anyway) Seems To Care. Not like they did about Michael Richards or Isaiah Washington or Mel Gibson. But Shelly, our associate here at Access Hollywood, did care. So she asked. GLAAD told us Paris “should be held accountable” and that the media really ought to do some self-examination. An image consultant told us Paris isn’t held to any standards because she doesn’t have any. But Chris Rock said it best; “She’s Paris Hilton. She’s got to walk through life being Paris Hilton, isn’t that enough of an affliction?”

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