FROM THE NEWS DESK: Birkhead’s Unwanted Admirer (March 19, 2007)

OBSESSED?: Larry Birkhead may have found himself an unwanted admirer. A Florida woman, who is believed to work for the Broward Country School District, has allegedly developed quite an obsession for him.

Larry: “She showed up there and she was jumping in the elevators and stuff.”

Larry told us he first ran into the woman during the hearings in Broward County, Florida a few weeks ago. Then last week she was seen trying to talk her way into the Bahamian courtroom where hearings were being held. Later she actually tried to climb into the car with him. And our man in the Bahamas was told she’d been around the hotel, where Larry is staying, offering money to anyone who would tell her his room number. We were told today she was taken to the office of hotel security at the Atlantis Resort. We found the woman’s room number today and called it, but she wouldn’t tell us anything about herself or why she wanted to talk with Larry so badly.

THE SPIN DANCE: The new season of “Dancing With The Stars” starts tonight on ABC and with it the opportunity for a new spin on the life and circumstances of Heather Mills McCartney. Sir Paul’s soon-to-be ex came into L.A. surrounded by Paparazzi as she tried to exit the airport. Paparazzi interest usually can be factored into People Interest and the networks know it. So it’s a good bet she won’t get bounced in the first couple of weeks anyway. And if Heather can come off warm and fuzzy (and not cold and greedy) she may come out of the competition with her image resurrected.

THE MOP WALK: Speaking of Spin… Supermodel Naomi Campbell did all right when she showed up at the Department of Sanitation in NY today to serve five days of community service. This was for whacking an employee in the head with a phone. Naomi showed up dressed to kill, (love those boots) smiled and waved and went inside, changed into work clothes and an orange vest and did her work. Came out eight hours later still looking good, still smiling and waving. We’re guessing an appearance with Dave Letterman early next week.

BUST OF THE WEEK: In Florida a judge was cited Sunday for sitting on a bench in a Hollywood, Florida park and smoking a joint. OK, it’s a little unusual in that he’s a judge. But here’s the kicker; the perp is Judge Lawrence Korda, 59, the second judge who presided over the early hearings in the Anna Nicole case. The charge against him is a misdemeanor. That’s the bust of the week but the week is young.

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