FROM THE NEWS DESK: ‘Spider-Man’ Vs. Pirates (April 11, 2007)

By McKay Heim and George Larrimore

I’M NOT TALKING: Danny Bonaduce is one of those people who won’t stop talking. He does it for a living; on the radio, on his reality show. This morning he was talking on LA radio about how he got an e-mail advising him that his wife was seeking a divorce. That got a few laughs in morning drive time. Especially since the ex-Partridge Family star is coming up on One Year of Sobriety next week. But now he won’t talk. Danny turned down our request for an interview. Guess it’s not so funny after all. By the way, the e-mail (from her attorney) also gave him the names of some attorneys he might consider using.

SPIDER-MAN VS THE PIRATES!: No, not the Johnny Depp “Pirates.” Real movie pirates. The ones who somehow acquire, copy and distribute Hollywood movies, in some cases before they arrive in theatres. It’s Big Business in China and to combat that the distributors of ?Spider-Man 3? are releasing the movie in China on May 1st. That’s three days before it opens in the U.S. This comes on the heels of Monday’s threats from the White House to really take action to try and stop the global plague of movie piracy, of which much of the reproduction happens in China.

MEANWHILE: The stars of the movie, including Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are in Tokyo where the World Premiere will be held on Monday. That’s good old-fashioned Global Buzz Building.

HOUSE OF CASH: The destruction by fire of Johnny and June Carter Cash’s Hendersonville, Tennessee home yesterday truly is the loss of much more than a house. The place was visited by Presidents, Preachers, Songwriters and Stars. Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan had spent time there with the Cash family, among many others. A lot of songs were played by the big fireplace overlooking Old Hickory Lake. Across the street was the home where his parents lived out there lives and down the street was the house where Roy Orbison once lived. Memories for many people went up in ash and flame.

PASSING: We’ve decided to use some of our space from time to time to note the passing of people who should be remembered for what they did in the entertainment business. There’s not nearly enough of that. It feels to us like forgetting about your grandparents just because they are old. Today a few words about Stan Daniels. Emmy-winner as a writer and producer on some of the great sitcoms, including ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and ‘Taxi’ plus many others. He was 72 and died from heart failure. Besides his professional success Stan Daniels was married to his wife Alene for 50 years.

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