Game Of Thrones: John Bradley Talks Samwell Tarly’s Gilly Baby Drama

“Game of Thrones” continues Sunday night on HBO and John Bradley, who plays the physically weakest member of the Night’s Watch – Samwell Tarly – hinted at the drama ahead for his character.

Just after his black cloak-wearing brothers saved him from basically letting the elements take him on the march to Craster’s Keep, Sam saw – in last week’s episode – the woman he’s been dreaming about for months – Gilly – give birth to a son.

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“The choice between a life of horrendous sexual and psychological abuse [as one of Craster’s daughters/wives], or death within hours of being born – it’s unbelievable and I think that set up of the whole Craster element is a real stroke of genius really, just in terms of the impossibility and having a choice that’s not made for you,” John Bradley told of his thoughts how the twist of fate was written (both in George R.R. Martin’s books and the HBO TV show).

“Gilly doesn’t know whether the baby’s a boy or a girl until it’s born. Turns out it’s a boy, which means curtains before long and you know, Sam – it irks him so much and it infuriates him,” John added.

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Sam went to the Night’s Watch, appearing at The Wall in Season 1 to escape his own father, who was so disgusted by his heir’s lack of physical and military prowess he threatened to kill him if he stayed, and the actor said his character can relate to Gilly’s newborn.

“I think that Sam is very well aware that he is damaged goods. He may have this kind of – well, especially in this show – this kind of flippant outlook on things, but Sam knows deep down that he’s incredibly troubled and… this baby, who he genuinely adores, he couldn’t adore this baby any more if it was his own child, he’d hate anybody to have the life that he’s had so far,” John said.

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“Game of Thrones” continues Sunday night at 9 PM on HBO.

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