Game Of Thrones: Pedro Pascal On Playing Season 4’s The Red Viper – ‘He Doesn’t Play By The Rules’

Pedro Pascal is one of the new faces joining “Game of Thrones” Season 4. He is playing the much talked about The Red Viper/Prince Oberyn Martell, and he told Access Hollywood about the new role.

“He’s a Prince who doesn’t play by the rules,” Pedro told Access Hollywood when we spoke to him at the Entertainment Weekly pre-SAG Awards party at the Chateau Marmont last Friday.

“He is from the land of Dorne and he comes to King’s Landing to stir things up,” Pedro added. “He has a pretty specific agenda and he really doesn’t care what people think or also doesn’t care what consequence he might meet. He doesn’t give a sh**… He basically doesn’t give a crap.”

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Prince Martell’s agenda, however, won’t keep him from a little loving in King’s Landing.

“He gets around. He’s a lover and a fighter. He’s both. He’s not one or the other. He’s very much both,” Pedro told Access.

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In the trailer for Season 4, Pedro’s The Red Viper is showing off his fighting moves. To get those down, the actor, an alum of the USA network series “Graceland,” had to start training early.

“You saw my Jedi moves? Well, they set me up with a trainer here in Los Angeles before going out there and training with their stunt choreographers and their fight people and yeah, they handed me a spear and taught me how to use it and I had to like get back into those days where I was like learning fight choreography in college and I hadn’t been doing anything like that for most of my adult life,” Pedro said. “So yeah, they put me to work and it was an amazing time.”

Many of the cast have been teasing Season 4, which premieres on April 6, as the best so far. Asked how he would sum up the upcoming episodes, Pedro also hinted it will be thrilling.

“It’s pretty massive and I watched the show like a regular fan actually before I did it, so getting to read the episodes was pretty jaw dropping,” he said. It’s massive.”

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