‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 – ‘Oathkeeper’

There were some big reveals in Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones.”

Sansa learned the truth about Littlefinger, while Margaery learned her grandmother’s secret. Elsewhere, Jaime gave Brienne two presents. Up at Castle Black, Jon Snow grew in stature. And, beyond The Wall, Bran Stark met a dangerous new foe, all before the White Walkers returned in “Game of Thrones” Season 4, Episode 4, “Oathkeeper.”

Here’s our blow-by-blow recap of the episode:

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Daenerys’ Gang, Outside Meereen: “My. Name. Is. Grey. Worm,” the leader of the Unsullied says, as he works on his English with Missandei. Their lesson is cut short as Daenerys walks in. It’s time for her army to help the people of Meereen.

Entering Meereen through a sewer gate, the Unsullied find some of the city’s slaves arguing over what to do following Dany’s great demonstration (in last week’s episode). “We’re not soldiers,” one of the Meereen slaves tells the Unsullied. Grey Worm drops a bag filled with weapons in front of the slaves. If they want their freedom, they “must take it,” Grey Worm explains to them. So they do — taking their freedom by capturing or killing the great masters of the city.

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The city now hers and the slaves now free, Dany is greeted with cries of “Mhysa” (mother). “Remind me, Ser Jorah, how many children did the great masters nail to mile posts,” she asks her loyal companion. “163,” he notes. Daenerys nods at her general and the Unsullied begin ushering the great masters away. But, Ser Barristan has some advice. “Sometimes, it is better to answer justice, with mercy,” he says. “I will answer injustice with justice,” Dany says, as the great masters are nailed to crosses, the cries echoing across the landscape.

Tyrion, Jaime, King’s Landing: After being urged by Bronn to visit Tyrion, Jaime finally meets with his brother, who asks how Cersei is doing. “How do you think? Her son died in her arms,” Jaime says. “Her son,” Tyrion says to his brother, with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t,” Jaime says. Finally getting down to the question at hand, Jaime asks Tyrion if he killed Joffrey. “The Kingslayer brothers. You like it? I like it. [Are] you really asking if I killed your son,” Tyrion asks Jaime. Jaime knows Tyrion didn’t do it, but as the head of the kingsguard, Jaime is limited to help out his imprisoned kin. “You’re accused of killing the King. Freeing you is treason,” Jaime explains. Tyrion isn’t the only one in danger of losing his head. Jaime explains that Cersei is offering a knighthood to the person who finds Tyrion’s wife. “Sansa’s not a killer. Not yet, anyway,” Tyrion says, as he contemplates who really killed King Joffrey.

Sansa & Littlefinger, A Ship On The Way To The Eyrie: Pacing inside her room on Petyr Baelish’s ship, Sansa learns she is going to The Eyrie, where Littlefinger will marry her Aunt Lysa (Catelyn’s sister). And she’s finally worked out that Littlefinger was part of the plot to kill Joffrey. But who helped him? Not the drunk Ser Dontos, Sansa concludes. “You’re right. He wasn’t involved in Joffrey’s death,” Littlefinger says. “But you were. Do you remember that lovely necklace Dontos gave you? I don’t suppose you noticed that a stone was missing after the feast,” he asks. Sansa realizes now her necklace contained poison, but she doesn’t understand why Littlefinger would want to hurt the Lannisters. “A man with no motive is a man no one suspects,” he tells her, noting that Joffrey was “vicious” and “not a reliable ally.” But Littlefinger now has new allies. “As for Joffrey, well [his death] was something my new friends wanted very badly,” Littlefinger says.

Lady Olenna, Margaery Tyrell, King’s Landing: Gearing up to leave King’s Landing, Lady Olenna asks her granddaughter if she’s been to see Tommen yet. “Have they even agreed to the match? No one tells me anything,” Margaery says, revealing there is a potential wedding on the cards for Margaery and the young Tommen (Joffrey’s younger brother). Before she goes, Lady Olenna suggests Margaery get close to Tommen while Cersei is distracted by her grief, and obsessing over accusing Tyrion of the murder. “Which he didn’t commit,” Lady Olenna adds. When Margaery says her grandmother couldn’t know such a thing for sure, the other shoe drops. “But I do know. You don’t think I’d let you marry that beast, do you,” she says, touching Margaery’s necklace.

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The Night’s Watch, Castle Black: Jon Snow is training men how to fight, including the boy who lost his family when the Thenns ate them during their attack on his village. Two men step up to fight – one of them is Roose Bolton’s man Locke, who quickly takes down his opponent. Ser Alliser Thorne takes Jon to task for training men and orders him to go change a chamber pot because he’s just a steward. Locke cozies up to Jon and introduces himself.

Cersei, King’s Landing: While drinking wine, Cersei meets with Jaime and asks him how strong his oath is to the late Catelyn Stark. “I swore by all the gods that if her daughters were alive, I’d return them to her,” Jaime says, noting two things – Catelyn is now dead, and originally he made the pledge to get back to his sister. “If I told you to leave the capital right now and find Sansa, if I told you to find that murderous little b***h and bring me her head, would you do it,” she asks. He says nothing. Cersei knows Jaime saw Tyrion, and brings it up. “He didn’t do it, Cersei,” Jaime tells her. She’s not buying it. “He’d kill us all if he could,” she says before ordering the “Lord Commander” (how she’s now referring to Jaime) to put four men at their son, Tommen’s door for protection.

Tommen, King’s Landing: “I don’t think you’re supposed to be here. Mother doesn’t allow me to have visitors at night,” Tommen tells Margaery, who has just crept into his room. “I’m not a visitor, your grace. Word has it, I’m to be your bride,” she tells him, putting down a candle, and sitting on his bed. She quickly turns her charms on him and suggests they have secrets they keep from his mother since they are to become husband and wife.

Brienne, Jaime, King’s Landing: Jaime picks up one of the new valyrian steel swords and hands it to Brienne. “It’s re-forged from Ned Stark’s sword. You’ll use it to defend Ned Stark’s daughter,” he says, telling Brienne there’s still a chance to find Sansa and “get her somewhere safe.” “I’ve got something else for you,” he adds, walking over and unveiling a brand new set of armor in her size. “I’ll find her, for Lady Catelyn,” Brienne says. “And, for you.” A moment passes between them before Jaime gives her one more gift — a grinning Podrick Payne (Tyrion’s former squire). Brienne is not impressed. “I won’t slow you down, sir… m’lady. I promise I’ll serve you well,” Pod says. Bronn, who is there for this meeting, gives Pod his own gift – Tyrion’s axe from the Battle of Blackwater. Jaime looks a Brienne. “They say the best swords have names, any ideas?” he asks her. “Oathkeeper,” she says as the two say goodbye by nodding. Jaime turns and watches Brienne ride away. Briefly, she too turns back to look at him, and then faces the road.

The Night’s Watch, Castle Black: Sam’s worries about Gilly prompt Jon to worry about his own loved ones, namely Bran, who he knows has gone beyond The Wall. As the two look at the map, they figure Bran could be at Craster’s Keep where the men mutinied. Locke overhears this as he comes in to tell Jon that Ser Alliser wants to see him. Jon can go kill the mutineers with “volunteers,” Ser Alliser says, leaving Jon to make his plea to the men. One by one, men start to stand up to take part, including Locke.

Craster’s Keep: Karl drinks wine out of Ser Jeor Mormont’s skull as his men rape and beat Craster’s widows. Drunk, he tries to bait Rast into arguing, when an older woman walks in clutching a newborn. “A gift for the gods,” the women start chanting. It’s explained to Karl that Craster would leave the children as a sacrifice for the White Walkers. “If it worked for him, let’s give the Walkers what they want,” Karl says, handing Rast the crying baby. Rast takes it outside and leaves it in the snow. On the way back, he walks past Jon Snow’s direwolf, Ghost, who is caged up and angry.

Bran, Hodor, North Of The Wall: “Do you hear that?” Bran says, as a baby’s cries waft through the cold forest. “I’m going out there,” Bran says, warging into his direwolf, Summer, who searches for the newborn. Snap! The direwolf is caught in trap, and Bran is forced back into his own body. But before it happened, he saw Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost. Bran tells his companions he won’t leave without getting Summer back.

As Bran, Hodor, Meera and Jojen look for Summer, they see the former men of the Night’s Watch at Craster’s Keep. The men see them too and capture them.

“Help him up,” Karl says as his men prop up Bran inside Craster’s Keep. Going in for a closer look, Karl realizes Bran is highborn, and slaps him, hard, across the face. “We’re a long way from home, aren’t we,” Karl says. He sizes up Jojen and Meera, and begins to play with Meera’s hair. He knows he has three highborn children in his presence, too many mouths to feed. But, before he can kill Meera, Jojen starts seizing. Karl doesn’t care, his knife at Meera’s throat. Bran stops him with an admission. “I’m Brandon Stark of Winterfell,” he shouts. “And I thought this was gonna be another boring day,” Karl says, putting his knife back in its sleeve.

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White Walker & The Baby, North Of The Wall: Riding through a snow storm, the White Walker cradles the baby. He places the crying child on an icy altar, and another White Walker heads toward the child. The creature picks up the baby and touches its face. The baby’s eyes turn White Walker blue.

“Game of Thrones” continues Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT on HBO.

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