‘Game Of Thrones’: Rory McCann On The Hound & Arya

“Game of Thrones” served up a satisfying ending to its Season 4 premiere, as Arya Stark road off with The Hound, atop her own horse.

“I think she’s earned it,” Rory McCann told Access Hollywood of Sandor Clegane/The Hound’s feelings on Arya getting her own four-legged ride. “It was time to get another horse. Two people on one horse isn’t good.”

And on set, splitting the two up was something Bjork – the real name of Rory’s male horse (yes, as in the Icelandic music star) – was fond of too.

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“Just in real life, honestly, we would arrive on set and that horse would look at me and then his ears would go back and the head would drop and then, when [I’d] get on, he’d be shifting from one leg to the other. You could see his face, going, ‘Oh, for f**k’s sake!’ I mean, he hated me,” Rory told Access.

Before the duo took down the King’s men and rode off with their new horse and chickens, there was a cat and Hound game going on inside the establishment between Polliver and Sandor Clegane. But Rory said Polliver’s insulting chicken trade offer (one of his chickens for Arya) didn’t prompt the blood bath.

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“It was tick tock, tick tock. It was going to kick off,” Rory said of the explosive fighting sequence that ended the “Two Swords” episode. “It was always going to kick off. I mean, if there was a piano player in that pub, he would have just stopped. He might have carried on until the immortal words of, ‘F**k the king.’ … But even that scene, there’s a lot of comedy. I’m very proud to have won the prize this year of the swearing. I’ve got 22 f**ks and c****s.

“My mother won’t be happy,” Rory added, confirming his mom does watch the show.

And why wouldn’t she. Not only is her son starring as a one of the show’s killer characters, but her daughter and son-in-law work on the show too, Rory revealed as he continued to discuss his Season 4 premiere scene.

“That was a horrendous amount of beer that I had to drink that time,” he said.

“In fact, it was my brother-in-law that was giving me that because he’s the props guy. … My brother-in-law and my sister [are] on set. She’s [in] wardrobe and he’s the prop master. I was sick as a dog, though. I must have had about six liters of this gone off, flat, ginger beer, I think it was,” he continued. “I had to go out and find this clearing. We were out in the woods, out in this estate. They were turning around the camera. I said, ‘Look, I’m going away. Don’t follow me, I’m not feeling well. I’ll be back.’ So I was in the middle of this clearing on my hands and knees being sick and trying to be sick. And this new assistant arrived gingerly through the trees and I just remember leaning and going, ‘F*** off!’”

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For The Hound, watching Arya turn from girl-in-the-corner to killer, was a big deal.

“It’s like a wake up and she’s woken up and she’s now walking it, she’s doing it,” Rory said.

And with Arya now riding independently, perhaps their relationship will become more of a partnership.

“He’s in a dangerous situation — he’s got no House looking after him, his armor is rusting up every day, so, you know, it’s a game of survival. But maybe, Arya might be an asset. Maybe he can train her up,” Rory said. “I see it as Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo.”

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