General Hospital: Anthony Geary On Show’s 50th & The ‘Endlessly’ Fascinating Luke Spencer

“General Hospital” celebrates its 50th anniversary today and the milestone is a big deal to the cast, including the legendary Anthony Geary.

“It’s a big day. I mean… it’s hard to even put into words,” Anthony, who plays, arguably, the most famous male character on daytime – Luke Spencer – told Access Hollywood, when we visited the show’s Los Angeles set.

“50 years on television — a show that has been entertaining people for two generations. It’s pretty amazing and to be part of it. [And I] have been on for 35 years, so that’s well over half my life,” Antony continued. “And I’m just thrilled that we’re still here.”

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Luke Spencer has had an incredible run on “General Hospital.” He came from the wrong side of the Port Charles docks, and has had a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, that featured adventures with the likes of Robert Scorpio, romance (like marrying Laura in front of a TV audience of 30 million), and tragedy.

“He’s [an] endlessly fascinating character,” Anthony told Access of Luke. “I’ve never grown tired of him and sometimes he doesn’t really get to show all of his — the darkness of his soul, or the romantic side of him but everything is coming together right now in a really beautiful way. So, it’s thrilling for me.”

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Asked about his fondest memories from the show, Anthony said working with Jonathan Jackson, who played his son, Lucky Spencer (and is now on ABC’s primetime drama, “Nashville”) rank very high.

“There are so many because it’s so much of my life. I would have to say that almost every scene I’ve ever played with Jonathan Jackson was really important to me,” Anthony said. “He’s an amazing actor and to work with him from the time he was 11, until the present day, has been extraordinary.”

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As for Antony’s current work on the show, the disappearance of Luke and Laura’s daughter Lulu means Anthony’s character will sadly, not be a part of the Nurses’ Ball.

“Luke and Laura are off trying to find their daughter, so we are not at the Nurses’ Ball. But so many of my friends are in [it], so many surprises are coming up that even on days I’m not working, I will probably come in and watch like a fan,” he told Access as “GH” began to film the Nurses’ Balls scenes on the day of our visit.

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“General Hospital” celebrates 50 years, starting today on ABC.

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