George R.R. Martin On Diana Rigg Joining Game Of Thrones Season 3: ‘She’s A Legend’

George R.R. Martin can’t contain his enthusiasm for one of his boyhood crushes joining the “Game of Thrones” Season 3 cast — original “Avengers” star Diana Rigg.

“Diana Rigg, man. She’s a legend. And of course, she’s done many great things, but she [is] perhaps still best known for playing Emma Peel in the original ‘Avengers’ on British television, but was then syndicated in the United States,” George told ahead of his “GOT” autograph session at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego. “Fantastic show, brilliantly written, brilliantly acted and she was the hottest woman on television or like — in the world — and I was madly in love with her… like all the other boys of my generation.”

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Diana will play Lady Olenna Tyrell, aka “The Queen of Thorns,” the grandmother to Margaery (Natalie Dormer) and Ser Loras Tyrell, aka “The Knight of the Flowers” (Finn Jones).

George, the author of the series of books the HBO show is based on, will once again pen an episode of the upcoming season – confirming he’ll write Season 3, Episode 7.

“My episode is called ‘Autumn Storms.’ It is Episode 7. It rains a lot,” he laughed. “That’s all I can reveal --- the weather. It’s a lot of raining and blowing of wind.”

George also couldn’t reveal if the dark, fan favorite character Ramsay Bolton will finally make an appearance in Season 3.

“You’ll have to keep on watching to find out,” he said.

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He did, however, confirm that Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) will be back.

“Yes, Theon will be in Season 3,” George said, noting no more about the fate character, who was given a mysterious ending in the Season 2 finale after the prince was hit with a spear and had a sack placed over his head by Dagmer (Ralph Ineson).

Looking back on Season 2, Access asked George if he’s hoping to hear from actress Lena Headey (Cersei) should she get an Emmy nomination on Thursday for her work in Episode 9, which he wrote.

“I hope so. I hope so. Or maybe Sophie [Turner] will be [nominated] because she was great in those scenes too. They should both be nominated,” he said. “And so should Maisie [Williams]. There’s not enough places on the ballot for us — and Michelle [Fairley] and Emilia [Clarke]… If they could nominate five ‘Game of Thrones’ actresses for the Emmy… I don’t think [they can], but they should.”

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As fans of the books know, the chapters in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series are from the perspectives of several select characters. Asked what it’s like to write scenes for characters who never had chapters in the books, George admitted it can be tough.

“It’s actually sort of difficult for me because the books are fixed very strongly in my head. So when I have to write a scene that’s not in the books, it’s a little challenging,” he said. “It’s certainly much easier to just transcribe a scene from the books directly to a different medium.

“But, you know, that’s the fun of writing,” George continued. “It’s never meant to be easy, but hopefully it’s rewarding at the end and you get a good product at the end of it.”

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