Get A Bootylicious Tush! (Healthy Hollywood)

Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Jessica Biel have the most celebrated backsides on the planet.

Now, Healthy Hollywood has discovered a simple secret to bringing up the rear. Yup! I am going to have a gravity-defying butt by Christmas. That’s my gift to me, compliments of fitness trainer Shay Kostabi and her Rexist 360 resistance bands.

“These bands force you to turn the knees out, keep toes aligned, keep the abs engaged and that’s all before you feel the resistance on the muscles and the burning on your quads and glutes from squatting,” Shay explains to Healthy Hollywood.

And, boy, do you feel the burn!

I met up with Shay for a workout using the Rexist 306 bands. First off, the bands are made from a soft flexible material and fit like a glove. And, by wearing these bands, you can cut down on your workout time and increase your results big time.

“A 20-minute workout using these bands is comparable to an hour at the gym. If you did this four times a week, you are going to see massive results very quickly and in hardly any time. Everybody has 15 or 20 minutes that they can find in their day,” Shay states.

After attaching the bands to my legs, Shay started off our workout with some stretching and jogging in place to get the heart rate up. Then, we did a series of squats.

“I always do squats for my first exercise. It’s a large muscle group and gets right in there. And, then we add a kickback,” explains my newly appointed kick-my-butt fitness coach.

Next, Shay took me through a series of plank jacks, where you get your shoulders over your wrist and hop feet back and forth in plank position. Then, it’s right into push-ups – as many as you can do until you collapse.

No rest for the weary, it’s back up to standing and right into lunges. “We did 360 lunges, first stepping back into reverse lunge, then a side lunge and then forward. We do multiple reps on one side (10 to 12 is good) and then do left side. Then, it’s back on the floor for mountain climbers and we finish off with abs.”

And, just when your legs are starting to shake, it’s time to do the entire set one more time! After 20 minutes, it’s a wrap. I’m sweating, my legs are shaking but my butt feels tighter! And, a tighter tush is definitely my end game. After a few weeks of doing Rexist 360, I’m ready to put on my tightest, most body-hugging jeans and flaunt my newly sculpted curves!

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-- Terri MacLeod

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