Get Gisele Bundchen’s Sexy Blowout! (Glam Slam)

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is known for her signature sexy waves. Now, the man behind her blowout, Harry Josh, is revealing the secret behind her full volume, as well as his other celebrity clients, like Kate Upton and Miranda Kerr.

He just launched a blow-dryer that he promises will give any women do-it-yourself supermodel texture.

“A good blow dryer is the one product that every woman needs to have in her arsenal you can’t fake a good blowout with a bad hair dryer,” Josh has claimed.

Harry’s Pro Dryer 2000 comes with a hefty price. It costs around $300. But, Josh assures Glam Slam it might be the last dryer you ever buy! “There were always aspects of other dryers that I admired, but no one dryer had everything I needed. I’ve always wanted to create my own tools that would make styling easier and more efficient for professional stylists and regular women.”

With air blasting out at 80mph, the dryer allegedly lasts 120,000 minutes. Stars like Debra Messing, Karolina Kurkova and Ellen Pompeo are all tweeting it’s worth it. Then again, they’ve got a much bigger paycheck than the rest of us gals!

Whether or not you invest in this Rolls Royce of hair dryers, Harry shares with Glam Slam his tips to the perfect blowout.

Know your hair weaknesses: Is your hair frizzy? Flat? Lackluster? Using the proper styling products and tools are a must for a good blowout.

Invest in a quality blowdryer: A powerful dryer will save you time, energy and prevent damage, as you’ll spend significantly less time blowing heat over the same sections.

Utilize a nozzle: It will help direct the hot air at a small space, allowing you to concentrate on specific areas of your hair at a time. Start at the roots to add volume and work your way to the ends.

Take your time: Pull your hair into sections and dry one at a time. Taking an extra ten minutes to do this will save you another twenty that you’ll need to fix stray hairs and frizz from blasting the blowdryer all over.

Aim carefully: Blowdry with the nozzle facing downward and lead it down each section with a boar bristle brush. Following the direction of the hair cuticle will add shine and a soft bristle brush will pull hair straight without snagging or breakage.
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-- Terri MacLeod

(Glam Slam’s Ryan Patterson is on maternity leave)

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