Get Scarlett Johansson’s Radiant Glow! (Glam Slam)

Because, no, stars aren’t born perfect!

Even a seemingly flawless beauty, like sexiest woman alive Scarlett Johansson can have an off day. Or, even worse a zit! Yet, stars like Scarlett are sure to have an army of beauty folks who make sure we, the public, never see them look anything but perfect!

A big key to any star’s look is having bright, radiant skin from head to toe.

Glam Slam recently got to experience a luxury body smoothing treatment at New York’s Yelo spa. The folks from the renowned skin care line, Kerstin Florian, set up an appointment for a brightening body treatment. The 45-minute beautifying session included a skin-brightening peel; followed by an exfoliating body scrub and a deep tissue massage (a personal favorite).

“The treatment is a double exfoliation, so it is really going to work on sloughing off dead skin, smoothing and brightening the skin. It is combined with a massage that uses a multi-vitamin firming cream and this helps to stimulate the circulation and detoxify the skin,” explains Julie Andrews, public relations director at Kerstin Florian.

The treatment does have the immediate result of brighter, smoother skin, but you would have to do regular sessions to really keep it up. Unfortunately, spa treatments are not in my budget.

For those of us who have to watch their money, like me, Julie suggests a home remedy. Kerstin Florian recently launched a new line of correcting body care. These are the same age-renewing products used in luxury spas worldwide. “I would suggest doing the scrub once or twice a week in the shower. Use the peel on days not doing the scrub and use the firming cream daily.”

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-- Terri MacLeod

(Glam Slam’s Ryan Patterson is on maternity leave)

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